LinkedIn for finding plumbing jobs

LinkedIn: Your Social Network for Finding Plumbing Jobs

Updated October 2016

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If not, it’s a good time to get to it! There are many websites you can search for plumbing jobs online but LinkedIn is one of the best sites for establishing industry connections, networking, and finding jobs in any field including the plumbing trades.

Setup Your Profile

Once you have joined LinkedIn, your first goal is in crafting a killer profile that will make you more attractive to potential employers. There are several areas should look at and address which will ensure the best use of your LinkedIn profile for purposes of securing a job in the plumbing field.

  • Add a picture to your profile. Your picture should look professional. You don’t need to be in a uniform or suit and tie. A nice button up shirt (open on the top button) with no tie is perfect. Make sure you are smiling.
  • Ensure that your profile summary covers all of your skills and experiences as they relate to being a plumber. You don’t have to actually have experience as a plumber but you can show that you have the right skills by looking at your past jobs and personal aptitudes, such as stating that you are mechanically inclined. Mention your good listening skills, your computer skills, communications skills, and are you physically fit? Mention it. These things fit in well with what plumbers should have in the way of skills and aptitudes.
  • Itemize your work experience.
  • Use the tags to highlight your skills. Tags are like keywords that will help potential employers to find you.

 Making Connections

After your profile is complete you should start connecting with other people in the plumbing industry. First look for people that you may already know, such as current or past coworkers.

Once you have established connections, you can ask your connections for recommendations. Recommendations that you receive are like references and potential employers will get to know more about you and your abilities through these recommendations.

Aside from connecting with individuals, you should also follow companies. Look for plumbing companies that you are interested in working at or are near where you live.

If the company has a company page on LinkedIn, you will be able to follow them and learn a lot about them. Most companies will list how many employees they have, who the owners or senior executives/managers are. Connect with any Human Resources personnel at the companies you are interested in. Remember, it’s the HR departments responsibility to find qualified candidates to fill any open positions.

After connecting with them you can find out about their plans for growth, if they are hiring, etc. Make sure to ask what they are looking for in potential new hires.

Don’t ask for a job outright. Ask good questions and when it seems right, let them know you are looking a new career opportunities.

Joining LinkedIn Groups

Join groups that can assist you in getting plumbing jobs. There are groups that are designed specifically for the plumbing industry such as Plumbing Contractors, and National Wholesale Plumbing, Heating, & HVAC among others.

Some groups of them are focused on certain geographic regions while others are specific to companies. Some groups may require approval by the moderator. Assuming your profile contains plumbing references you should have no problem being approved.

After joining make sure to participate. Read the comments and threads, answer questions, and of course ask questions. Don’t be afraid to approach other members, most of them are there to network.

LinkedIn is a great site to learn and connect with persons that can potentially help you land the job you are looking for.

Spend a little time each day on LinkedIn. Always be looking for ways to connect. Can you benefit from connections with property managers, realtors, and other real estate professionals? Probably yes.

Your connections and interactions over time will reward you with opportunities you may not have had visibility to without LinkedIn. The contacts you make will be useful not just in your next job, but in your entire working career.

Start working LinkedIn today!

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