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The Best Infrared Thermometers for Plumbers

Every plumber needs a good infrared thermometer in their toolbox.

Accurate temperature reading when and where you need it goes without saying.  Never wonder what the temperature of plumbing components are again with the help of these infrared thermometers.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top seven options on the market today.

The Seven Best Infrared Thermometers for Plumbers


Cuisinart CSG-625 Infrared Surface Thermometer

Believe it or not, this infrared thermometer was originally designed to be used by chefs and other culinary workers to better temp food that they were making – but it’s also one of the most effective infrared thermometers for plumbers, too.

Featuring laser targeting capabilities, automatic off switch technology to save battery life, and one of the most ergonomic units on the market today, it’s become one of the most value tools in a plumber’s toolbox.


Dewalt DCT414S1 12-Volt Max Infrared Thermometer Kit

To the surprise of absolutely no one a DeWalt infrared thermometer has made its way on this list!

The manufacturer of yellow tools has always had a reputation for rock solid build quality, fantastic engineering, and reliability that can’t be topped. This infrared thermometer is no exception.

Capable of reading temperatures of up to 1000°F (with noncontact reading capabilities built-in), this is one of the best pieces of infrared thermometer hardware money can buy.


Etekcity Lasergrip 630 Digital Infrared Thermometer

Ideal for plumbers that only occasionally need to utilize infrared thermometer technology, this unit combines top-of-the-line engineering and capabilities with a very affordable price point.

The accuracy on this unit is really dialed in. The dual laser thermometer mode guarantees fast temperature readings, too – and the versatile design lets you get this thermometer into spaces that would have been harder to reach otherwise.


Etekcity Lasergrip 800 Digital Infrared Thermometer

Offering a lot of the same capabilities as the DeWalt reviewed above, the difference here is that this amazing little piece of tech can go all the way up to 750°F. But that’s incredible!

Engineered with simplicity of use in mind, you won’t have any trouble training even brand-new plumbers up on how to use this handheld infrared thermometer. Combine that with the almost instant breed capabilities and it’s a bit of a no-brainer investment.


Fluke 561 HVAC Pro Infrared Thermometer

This infrared thermometer was built with HVAC purposes in mind, making it ideal for plumbers and other tradesmen to use it in a wide variety of applications.

Right out-of-the-box this thermometer offers a 12:1 infrared distance to spot ratio, dual infrared and thermocouple thermometer capabilities, and the ability to read temperatures from between -40°C to 550°C.

This is the professionals infrared thermometer. The price point is a little on the high side (compared to some of the other options available today), but it’s versatility and its usability make it a worthwhile investment.


Klein Tools Dual-Laser Infrared Thermometer

Almost identical in operation to the Fluke unit we just mentioned a moment ago, the big difference here is that this unit can measure temperatures from between -40°F to 1200°F and has a 20:1 distance to spot ratio.

This handheld unit still takes advantage of a dual laser targeting system, has the ability to measure air, gas, and liquid temperatures, and is effortless to use thanks to the oversized LCD display. Combine that with a super lightweight form factor that is ergonomic and easy to control and it’s a great choice for plumbers today.


Milwaukee 10:1 Infrared Thermometer

Milwaukee makes some of the best power tools on the market right now, and this infrared thermometer is no exception.

With lightning fast scanning capabilities, you’ll be able to get a quick and accurate temperature reading in about three seconds (or less) – no matter what you are “gunning” on a plumbing set up.

Overbuilt to the point where it is nearly bombproof, plumbers won’t ever have to worry about dropping this unit and destroying it or even getting a little bit dirty. It can be dropped from 9 feet up and survive with no ill effects whatsoever, and the rubberized frame helps shield of the thermometer from dust, dirt, and debris as well.


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