How to Become a Licensed Electrician in Alaska – Alaska Electrician License

Known for its wilderness and arctic weather, Alaska is home to over 700,000 people – with only around 1,700 electricians in the state. This means there is ample room for new electricians. If you’re considering working in the electrical field of Alaska, you can either receive a certificate for journeyman electrical work or an Electrical Administrator License. 

This article will discuss:

  • The different types of electrical licenses in AL
  • How to be eligible for an AL electrical license/certification
  • The step-by-step process for obtaining your license/certification
  • How to renew your electrical license/certification in Alaska

Do You Need an Electrical License in Alaska?

According to Alaskan law, the majority of the installation and modification of electrical systems must meet the standards of the Electrical Safety and High Voltage Lines statutes. To satisfy these statutes, the electrician must be issued a Certificate of Fitness (hereby after referred to as a journeyman electrical certificate). 

This certification is well compensated, as the average electrician in Alaska makes $88,726 – that’s over 50% higher than the national average.

For those supervising electrical work but not necessarily completing the work themselves, you are required to hold an Electrical Administrator License issued by the state. 

Both of these titles are overseen by both the Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing Staff and the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development in Alaska.

Types of Electrical Licenses in AL

For electricians conducting electrical work in Alaska, you must hold the appropriate Certificate of Fitness to do electrical journeyman work. These certificates can be for an overarching electrical journeyman certificate, a residential journeyman certificate, or a lineman journeyman certificate.

For those who want to supervise and oversee electricians on the job, you must hold an Electrical Administrator License. You do not have to be an electrician to hold this license, but you can hold both a Certificate of Fitness and an Electrical Administrator License simultaneously.

AL Journeyman Electrical Certificate Requirements

As mentioned, there are 3 different kinds of electrical journeyman certificates you can receive. All three have the same application process, but each has different requirements. 

  • Electrical Journeyman Certificate of Fitness: You must have 8,000+ hours of experience under the National Electrical Code. 
    • At least 6,000 hours must be commercial/industrial
    • Up to 2,000 hours must be residential
    • Up to 1,000 hours must be trade or classroom-related training AND/OR up to 1,000 hours can be from power lineman experience
  • Electrical Residential Certificate of Fitness: You must have at least 4,000 hours of relevant work experience. With this certificate, you can only work as a journeyman on residential properties. On commercial sites, you will be seen as a trainee-level electrician.
    • Up to 500 hours of can be trade or classroom-related 
    • Maintenance hours are not accepted.
  • Lineman Journeyman Certificate: You must have 8,000+ of relevant work experience. Under the National Electrical Safety Code. 
    • Up to 1,000 hours can be trade- or classroom-related hours AND/OR up to 1,000 hours can be experience as an electrician

Some states may have reciprocity with Alaska for this certification. See here for more details.

Obtaining Your AL Electrical Journeyman Certificate

To obtain your certificate once you meet the requirements, you’ll need to complete an application, take and pass an exam, and pay the appropriate fees. 

  • The same application is used for all journeyman certificate options
  • Attach verification of your hours of experience (see guidelines on the application form)
    • All verification must contain original signatures – no copies will be accepted
  • Sign and notarize the application before submission
  • Pay a $50 application fee
  • Once the application is approved, you must call the Mechanical Inspection office to schedule your exam
    • The exam is 4 hours long and must be passed with at least a 70%
  • Once you pass the exam, you’ll pay a $200 licensing fee for your license, which is valid for 2 years

Journeyman Exam Study Guides

Electrical journeymen should use the National Electric Code 2017 study guide. The exam is open book.

Residential journeymen should use the National Electrical Cody 2017 study guide. The exam is open book. 

Lineman journeymen should use the Lineman & Cableman’s Handbook 13th edition and the National Electric Code 2017 study guide. The exam is closed book. 

Renewing Your AL Electrical Journeyman Certificate

Renewals for journeyman certificates should be completed every two years. The renewal fee is $200. You must resend the application with the payment and a 2” X 2” photo (digital or hard-copy). 

You must complete 16+ hours of Continuing Education (CE) before renewal, of which at least 8 must be about updates to the National Electric Code. These hours must be completed in the year before your certificate expires. You must submit proof of your CE.

AL Electrical Administrator Licenses

Electrical administrators supervise electrical work in the state of Alaska and work under a general contractor. There must be at least one licensed electrical administrator working under each Alaskan Contractor. The electrical administrator can only complete electrical work if they are also a certified journeyman electrician. 

Electrical administrators can choose between regulating:

  • Controls and Control Wiring (CNTL)
  • Inside Communication (IC)
  • Residential Wiring (RW)
  • Outside Communications (OC)
  • Unlimited Commercial Wiring (UCW)
  • Unlimited Line Work (UL)

For the requirements needed to be an electrical administrator for any of the areas above, see here.

Obtaining Your Electrical Administrator License

To apply for your license, you must:

  • Complete, sign, and notarize the application
  • Pay the $150 application fee plus the $170 license fee (for a total of $320)
  • Complete the resume detailing your experience
    • Attach the Certificate in Support of Applicant’s Experience and Qualifications (included in the application PDF)
    • Attach official transcripts
  • Once approved, contact PSI Exams to schedule your exam
  • Once you pass the exam, you’ll receive your license

For information on reciprocity with other states or licensure through credentials, see page one of the application.

Renewing Your AL Electrical Administrator License

AL Electrical Administrator Licenses expire on December 31st of every odd-numbered year unless your license was issued within 90 days of that date. You can find the renewal form here. 

Renewal applications must be mailed in with a check, money order, or credit card payment form for $170. If you received your license halfway through the 2-year validation period, you will only pay an $85 prorated fee.

Renewals must complete a certain number of CE hours, with further details on page 9 of the renewal application.

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