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Chicago Plumbing Courses and Classes

Starting your plumbing career in Chicago is as easy and straightforward as obtaining your plumbing license.  There are several paths to getting your license, including trade school, apprenticeship, and independent study the plumbing laws and codes.   If you are looking to get your Chicago plumbing license, here’s how you go about it.

Complete your high school education

The first thing to do to get your license in Chicago is getting your high school diploma. If you did not graduate high school, you would need to complete a GED to gain your diploma.

Start your plumber training

After obtaining your high school diploma or GED equivalent, you’ll need to undergo vocational training, also known as apprentice training. Your GED will give you the base for the knowledge and practice you will obtain during an apprenticeship. This apprenticeship will mainly revolve around preparing you for the license testing. It will cover a broad range of topics that a professional need to understand and know. It takes roughly four years to complete the apprenticeship, but the good news is that apprentices can earn a salary.

Find schools and institutes offering plumber training courses in Illinois

Southwestern Illinois College:

Southwestern Illinois College offers 2 Plumbing Degree programs. It’s a large public college in a large suburb. You can check their website and courses here:


Parkland College:

Parkland College offers 2 Plumbing Degree programs. It’s a large public college in a small city. You can review their course on their website:


City Colleges of Chicago-Kennedy-King College:

City Colleges of Chicago-Kennedy-King College offers 2 Plumbing Degree programs. It’s a medium-sized public college in a large city. Check their campus and courses in the following link:

Illinois Public Consultants:

This institution offers a License Prep Program, continuing your education and further training and license renovation help. Please review all of their offerings on their website:

Technology Center of Dupage:

The Technology center provides all sorts of programs like Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Carpentry, Construction – Building Trades, Electrical, Heating. Check out their website and offerings at

Building and Fire Code Academy:

This academy offers a four-year Plumbing Apprenticeship Education (PAE) to supplement an apprentice plumber’s on-the-job training. This education prepares apprentice plumbers for the licensing exam and the wide range of technical experience. Check their offering at


Becoming a licensed plumber

If you wish to perform residential or commercial plumbing work anywhere, you must be licensed in the state where you are working. If you want to work as a plumber in Chicago, you must have a plumbing license in Illinois. The exam required to obtain said license is extensive. However, if you did the previous steps, the exam should be simple to understand and pass. In the case you don’t pass the exam, you have the option to retake it. The Illinois Department of Public Health offers in-depth information on how to obtain the Illinois plumbing license.

You can check all the information for obtaining a plumbing license on this website:


What are the Different Types of Plumbing Licenses Available in Illinois?

The first step is to become an apprentice. You must be at least 16 years old, complete the Apprentice Plumbers License Application, and provide proof of sponsorship by a licensed plumber in the state of Illinois. The maximum apprenticeship period can be for six years. After this timeframe, you can apply for the plumber’s licensing exam. If you do not apply for this exam within six years of starting your apprenticeship, you will not be allowed to continue as an apprentice.

After completing your apprenticeship and passing the licensing exam, you will be a licensed plumber. There are no further steps to empowering in the state of Illinois. The only exception is in the city of Chicago, as they have a Journeyman licensing program. Through reciprocity with other districts, a Journeyman licensed plumber in Chicago can work in other districts.


What Resources are Available in the Plumbing Industry?

Multiple resources are available for you to learn about industry trends online. You can review blogs and participate in trade shows. You’ll also discover new plumbing specialities to expand your career.


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