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No doubt about it, careers in the electrical field are growing and salaries are attractive.  If you are looking for training, an apprenticeship, or just advance your current skills, the following electrical schools and courses in MA can be a great place to start.


MTTI offers a Residential and Commercial Electrician Program.

In the classroom,  you’ll study electrical theory, safety, blueprint reading, and applications of the National Electrical Code in residential settings. In the shop, you’ll install electrical panels, breakers, grounding, fuses, and residential and commercial wiring variations, plus install and repair switches, lights and alarms, motor controls, and electrical motors. Read more about the areas of concentration covered in the Residential and Commercial Electrician program.


Jennett Electrical School

This course is based on the 2020 National Electric Code with state amendments. Seating is limited, once a class is full you will automatically be put into the next class.


Martin Electrical & Technical School

Journeyman Electrician Course

This course is intended for the beginner who has no formal training in electrical theory or code. The course covers the different concepts relating to electrical theory and code and provides many practical examples of common tasks the electrician must perform. This course meets the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Examiners of Electricians requirement of the completion of 600 hours of approved education in order to be eligible to sit for the Journeyman Electricians Licensing Exam. This four-part course is offered with semesters beginning in September & January of each year in increments of 150 hours per course.

Master Electrician Course

This certificate course is designed for the licensed journeyman electrician who desires to sit for the Master Electricians licensing exam. It includes in-depth coverage of the National Electrical Code and Massachusetts amendments, advanced electrical theory, and the Business/Law manual. This course meets the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Examiners of Electricians requirement of the completion of 150 hours of approved education in order to be eligible to sit for the Master Electricians licensing exam. This 20-week course is offered to begin in September & January of each year in increments of 150 hours per course.


The Peterson SchoolLogo

Courses Available:

Residential Hands-on Course for The Electrical Apprentice and Plant Mechanic

This complete, hands-on, residential electrical course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about electricity; an electrical apprentice; or a plant mechanic that wants to increase that knowledge. The course covers electrical products, basic troubleshooting, Ohm’s Law, load calculations, wiring of outlets, and more.

Journeyman Electrician I

This course is designed to prepare a student to sit for his/her Journeyman Electrician Exam administered through the Massachusetts Electrician’s Board: provided the student has met the hours in the field and the required hours of classroom training. The class work is based on National Electrical Code.

Journeyman Electrician II

The course is designed for students that have already completed the 300-hour Journeymen Electrician I. This 300-hour class will complete the required 600 hours. The classwork is based on the National Electrical Code.

Electrical License Test Prep

This is an accelerated study review course designed to quickly prepare candidates for Journeyman and the Masters’ state licensing exam.

The current edition of The National Electrical Code and Mass Amendments and other State laws and regulations will be reviewed along with the related theory, calculations, and test taking techniques and preparation needed to succeed on the state exam.

Cormier’s Code Class

15 Hour Code Class / 6 Hour Professional Development Class / Online and in-person electrical code updates / Electrical Exam Preparation


The Greater Boston Joint Apprentice Training Center’s (JATC) primary mission is to develop the most skilled, responsible, and responsive Electricians and Technicians in the United States of America. We are dedicated to building professionals who have the expertise, character, and sense of teamwork to bring value to the clients they serve, the union they represent, and the contractors who employ them.


IBEW 223

IBEW offers electrician apprenticeship and electrician training courses under it’s umbrella of union offerings.


Porter and Chester InstitutePorter and Chester Institute

If you want a career where you get to use your hands, as well as your brain, consider electrician training from Porter and Chester Institute. The Career Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrician program at our campus locations in Massachusetts will help you take the first steps toward becoming an electrician. We’ll give you a solid foundation of basic electrical theory and the technical skills you’ll need to work in a variety of settings.


Lincoln TechBrand Logo

Electrician Training Program

With 1,200 hours of in-depth instruction, students will learn electrical, motor, and generator theory, and then use this information as their starting knowledge base to learn about more advanced topics such as electrical codes, telecommunications, residential and commercial wiring, and OSHA requirements.

This course of study also includes in-depth instruction on power generation and distribution, blueprint reading, and semi-conductor applications such as programmatic logic controllers, alarm and CCTV systems, and photovoltaics.

The instruction is broken down into 864 hours of lecture and 336 hours of hands-on shop hours. Upon graduation of this program, the student is ready to join the industry as an electrician apprenticeship.


Assabet Valley Technical High School

Several courses include:



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