How to Become a Contractor in Oklahoma

Oklahoma either licenses or registers its electrical, plumbing, roofing, and mechanical contractors. All contracting companies should also be properly registered and have a business license. General contractors do not require a state-wide license, although they should hold the appropriate liability insurance and Worker’s Comp insurance, if applicable.

Becoming a Contractor in Oklahoma

All contractors in Oklahoma should be properly trained and experienced before venturing out on their own. This experience is often gained through a 4-year apprenticeship, college trade program, or by working under a licensed contractor.

Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and roofing contractors will also need to take and pass an official exam, complete an application, and pay a fee for a state license. All verifiable work experience for these licenses must be completed as a registered apprentice and/or under a licensed contractor in their field.

General contractors will need to adhere to their city’s regulations, which often include liability insurance, Worker’s Comp, and other tax requirements. 

Electrical Contractors in Oklahoma

Electrical contractors in OK can choose from limited or unlimited licenses. 

Limited license applicants must have:

  • A degree in electrical engineering AND 8,000 of electrical experience OR
  • 16,000 hours of verifiable electrical experience in commercial or industrial work AND be an owner, partner, or officer in an electrical firm

Unlimited license applicants must have:

  • 12,000 hours of verifiable experience in the field 
    • 4,000 hours (2 years) experience should be as an unlimited electrical journeyman
    • 6,000 hours must be in commercial work
    • 2,000 hours could be credited by formal electrical education

If you meet the requirements, complete the application and pay all fees. Upon approval, you’ll sit for the contractor’s exam and the trade exam. After passing, you’ll receive your license. 

Mechanical Contractors in Oklahoma

Mechanical contractors can choose between limited and unlimited HVAC/R exams. 

Experience requirements are:

  • 4 years of verifiable experience
  • Some of this time may be substituted:
    • 1,000-hour educational program can substitute two years
    • 500-hour programs can substitute 1 year
    • 375-hour programs can substitute ¾ of a year
    • 334-hour programs can substitute 2/3 of a year
    • 250-hour programs can substitute ½ a year

Complete the application and pay all fees. Then, take and pass the 2-part mechanical contractor’s exam. 

Plumbing Contractors in Oklahoma

Plumbing contractors must have ONE of the following:

  • 4 years’ experience
  • 4 years of equal experience while in the military
  • A verifiable out-of-state plumbing license, in good standing 

Educational programs may also substitute some of the work experience requirements. See page 1 of the application for more information.

After your application is paid for and approved, you’ll need to take and pass your 2-part exam with a 75% score or higher. Then, OK will await proof of a $5,000 surety bond and a certificate of general liability insurance for $50,000. Once this is received, you will get your license.

Roofing Contractors in Oklahoma

Roofing contractors in OK are registered as opposed to licensed. They will need:

  • A certificate of general liability insurance
    • $500,000 for general roofing contractors
    • $1 million for commercial contractors
  • Proof of Worker’s Compensation or exemption
  • A registered business name
  • An affidavit verifying their lawful presence in the U.S.


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