How to Become a Licensed Electrician in Oklahoma

Electricians in Oklahoma can be licensed as student electrician interns, electrician apprentices, journeyman electricians, or electrical contractors. This article will sum up everything you need to know about how to become a licensed electrician in OK, including additional endorsements and alternative licenses offered by the state. 

Do You Need an Electrician’s License in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma law requires all people and entities to hold a valid and appropriate license or registration to engage in electrical work. 

Oklahoma offers licenses for students, apprentices, journeyman electricians, and electrical contractors. They also offer Alarm Endorsements and Temporary Journeyman Licenses for emergencies. 

OK Licenses for Student Electricians

Student electricians register as interns with the Oklahoma Industries Board. This “license” is for those 16 years and older who are legal citizens of the U.S. and enrolled in a work-ready program recognized by the Board. 

Registered students are supervised by a licensed journeyman electrician or electrical contractor. These students cannot work on high-voltage systems. To register, fill out the Intern Application with your course instructor.

OK Licenses for Apprentice Electricians

While some electricians start as student interns, most begin their careers as apprentice electricians. Apprentices work for licensed electrical contractors and participate in a hands-on experience that can count towards the work requirement for becoming a licensed journeyman. 

To become an apprentice, you should register through the state through the formal application. Your supervising contractor must complete this application with you, and all forms must be original copies.

Licenses for Journeyman Electricians in Oklahoma

After completing an apprenticeship and being a Registered Apprentice Electrician, you may consider becoming a journeyman electrician. There are three types of journeyman licenses available:

  • Unlimited Journeyman Electrician License: requires 8,000 hours of experience as a registered apprentice of which 4,000 must be commercial/industrial and up to 2,000 may be credited by completing a formal education program
  • Residential Journeyman Electrician License: requires 4,000 hours of verifiable job experience as a registered apprentice of which up to 1,000 may be credited by completing a formal education program
  • Refinery Journeyman Electrician License: requires a current and verifiable license in the unlimited electrical classification from another state. This license must be in good standing.

For any of these journeyman licenses, you must first apply for and take the Journeyman Exam. 

To apply for licensure through examination, you will need to:

  • Complete the application 
    • Type or print neatly 
    • Fasten all pages with a paperclip – do NOT use staples
    • Sign your application upon completion
  • Attach proof of experience signed by your current or previous employers
  • Pay a $75 total fee ($50 license + $25 processing fee)

The Journeyman Exam is given through PSI. Once your application for the examination is approved, you will receive details on when and where you will take the exam. For more information on the exam contents, see here.  

Journeyman Electrician Reciprocity in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has reciprocity agreements for journeyman electricians coming from:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Wyoming

If you hold an active license from one of these states, and it has been in good standing for at least one year, you can complete the same application. Be sure to document your license and work history details. 

Licenses for Electrical Contractors in Oklahoma

Oklahoma offers licenses for three types of electrical contractors. As with journeyman licenses, you must first apply to take an exam before receiving your license. The exam application requirements are as follows: 

  • Unlimited electrical contractors: These contractors do not have restrictions around the jobs they can contract. They must have 12,000 hours of verifiable experience in electrical construction work. Four thousand of these hours must be as a licensed unlimited journeyman electrician, 6,000 must be in commercial industrial work while employed by a licensed electrical contractor, and up to 2,000 hours can be from formal electrical education.
  • Residential electrical contractors: These contractors can only wire buildings for one- and two-family dwellings. They must have 8,000 verifiable hours of experience, of which 4,000 must be as a residential or unlimited journeyman working under an electrical contractor. Another 4,000 must be from work as a registered apprentice OR 3,000 hours as an apprentice plus 1,000 hours credited from formal education.
  • Limited electrical contractors: Limited electrical contractors form a part of an electrical firm and do not engage in electrical work themselves. They have an electrical engineering degree AND 8,000 hours of experience. Alternatively, if they don’t hold a degree, they must have 16,000 hours of experience.

Obtaining Your OK Electrical Contractor License

If you meet the requirements for one of the electrical contractor licenses above, you may complete the application by following the application instructions on page 2. Be sure to attach all work verification documents with the appropriate signatures and notarizations. 

Before licensure, you will also need to provide the required bond and insurance or a waiver affidavit. 

Endorsements and Special Licenses in OK

Apart from traditional licenses, OK offers an Alarm Endorsement and a Temporary Journeyman Application for State of Emergency. 

Oklahoma Electrician Alarm Endorsement

Oklahoma offers an Alarm Endorsement for apprentices, journeyman electricians, and electrical contractors working on alarm systems. To receive this endorsement, you’ll need to complete the application, pass a background check, and pay a $75 application fee. 

Temporary Journeyman Application for State of Emergency 

In the case that the Governor declares a state of emergency, a license will become available for temporary journeyman electricians in OK. This license can be received before applying for the examination, but you must apply within 10 days of receiving your license.

The application includes a $25 application fee and a $50 license fee. The licensee must take the exam as soon as their application is approved and an exam date is offered. 

Renewing Your Oklahoma Electrician License

All licenses should be renewed every 3 years (36 months). You will need at least 6 hours of Continuing Education before your renewal. Use the renewal application form and pay the appropriate fee. Fees are $200 for electrical contractors and $75 for journeyman electricians. 

If you renew more than 30 days after expiration, the late fee is $300 for contractors and $100 for journeyman electricians. 

Alarm endorsements are valid for one year and expire on the last day of your birth month. You must complete a renewal application and pay a $25 renewal fee.

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