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How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Arizona

Becoming a licensed plumber in Arizona can open doors for you to access a wider scope of career opportunities and the benefits that come with it. If you’re thinking of becoming a plumber, the first thing to do is to learn what it takes to actually turn your dream into a reality.

In Arizona, you should have a plumbing license to perform such works as designing, installing and repairing fixtures, piping, septic tanks, and water supply systems.

Arizona Issues Two Types of Plumbing Licenses

The state issues two types of licenses for every type of trade after you pass the exams: a C-37, also known as a residential plumbing license; and an L-37, commonly called a commercial plumbing license.

In both of these licenses, you will immediately become general contractor, and this means you must register yourself as a business with the state prior to license application.

To begin with, an Arizona plumbing license requires you to pass two exams: the business management exam and the plumbing exam. Aside from the required exams, you must meet the minimum 4 year plumbing experience requirement.

Successfully completing your education, doing a technical course, or joining an apprenticeship program, can earn you a credit. The above can be included under the four years of experience that is required to apply for a license.

Below we outline the basic steps of how to become a licensed plumber in Arizona and get started with your career.

Step 1: Complete Your Education

To earn a plumbing license in Arizona, you must have a high school diploma or its equivalent GED. It goes without saying that basic knowledge of reading, writing, math, and science is critical, especially in the pro-trade industry.

For any plumber, having advanced knowledge in science and math is necessary because the work involves a ton of measuring and gauging. The areas that will most benefit your career include geometry, algebra, biology, thermodynamics, and metric measurements.

Note: Aside from setting a good foundation in terms of education, other factors that can adversely affect your plumbing career in Arizona include your criminal record, driving license, and drug test.
Apprenticeship programs and companies may shy away from working with you for insurance and safety reasons, especially if you have a DUI or DWI, several misdemeanor offenses, a failed drug test, felony convictions, and a reckless driving history.

On the contrary, if you are drug-free, have a valid and clean driver’s license, and no criminal record, the process of becoming a licensed plumber in Arizona will be smooth for you.

Step 2: Enrol in a Technical Course

Once you successfully complete your formal education, the next step to becoming a licensed plumber is to enroll for a technical course. Luckily for you, technical courses are offered by several public and private programs in the state of Arizona.  Check out the list schools at the end of this article.

Check out local colleges, plumbing associations, and trade institutions. The curriculum usually covers topics, such as draining & venting, electrical basics, pipe cutting & soldering, water heating systems and the local plumbing codes in the state.

Step 3: Find an Apprenticeship Program

To become licensed, you must have done plumbing jobs before. In Arizona, the state requires that you have cumulative experience of four years to qualify to apply for a license. One of the best ways to gain the required expertise is to find an approved apprenticeship program.

Alternatively, you can accumulate the needed years of experience by working with an older, more experienced plumber who, of course, should also be licensed with the state. You are free to choose the plumber you want to gain experience from.

Step 4: Register for Exams

The fastest and easiest way of registering for your exam is to do so through the Internet. PSI recommends that candidates should have a valid Visa or MasterCard to register for their exams online. You can access PSI’s website at for quick registration.

The second most convenient way of registering for your exams is via a quick phone call to PSI’s interactive voice system preferably at night or via live registrars during the day. Just like online registration, you require a Visa and MasterCard. The number to call is (800) 733-9276, any time of the day.

Step 5: Take the Exams

Once you have accumulated the 4 years of experience needed by the state, you can now sit for an exam. In Arizona, exams can be taken through such providers as Prometric. You will be required to take a business management exam, aside from the regular plumbing exam.

The business management exam comes with 80 questions (multiple choices), and you will be given 2.5 hours to complete it. The plumbing trade exam, on the other hand, has 85 questions, which you should complete in 4 hours. The fee for these exams is $120. A grade 70 and above is a pass. To schedule your tests, contact Prometric at:

1260 Energy Lane
St. Paul, MN 55018

Step 6: Finally, Apply for an Arizona Plumbing License

After successfully passing your exams, you can now apply for your residential or commercial license. Start by downloading and printing your licensure application from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors whose contacts are as outlined below:

The State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors
3838 North Central Avenue
Suite 400 Phoenix, AZ 85012
(602) 542-1525

You should write down every relevant detail about yourself: education, technical courses, apprenticeship, experience, examination scores and your business. You should also accompany the information you have provided with relevant documents, including the four years working experience as well as the passed plumbing tests.

To become a plumber in Arizona, you must also have a license bond which should be included in your licensure application. This bond can be in the form of cash or surety. The residential license bond goes for $1000 while the L-37 or commercial license bond goes for $2500.

Additionally, you must have an application fee of $320 for the residential license. If you are applying for a commercial license, the required payment is $645.

Once you have met all the above requirements, you can now send your full application to the Arizona Department of Contractors whose address we listed above. It is worth noting that this application should be submitted in a span of 2 years from the date you successfully passed the Arizona exams.

Once your application has been processed and you wish to verify if your Arizona plumbing license is active, you can visit the Arizona Registrar of Contractors at this page, click on the advanced search option and see if your license is active.

So, there you have it: The basic steps of how to become a licensed plumber in Arizona. Check out the following list of training options available in Arizona.

Plumbing School and Courses in Arizona

East Valley Institute of Technology offers the George Brazil plumbing service and repair technician course.  The program consists of theory and hands on training modules.  There is a certification at course completion.  The program lasts 10 to 12 months.  You can call 480-461-4013 for more information.

Arizona Pipe Trades Apprenticeship in Phoenix offers plumbing trade courses.  Contact 602-269-8213 for more information.

Gateway Community College offers an AAS (Associate in Applied Science) degree in Mechanical Trades- Plumbing field.  Visit the program page at this website for more information.

UA Plumbers and Pipefitters 469 offers apprenticeship and more advanced plumbing classes.

Pima Community College offers a plumbing certificate program in its downtown campus.  Visit the program site here.

P.I.P.E offer plumbing training programs.

You can find additional plumbing courses in Arizona on this list here.

To read this article in Spanish, click here.

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