How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Vermont

Vermont offers trade licenses for three types of plumbers: limited licensure, journeyman licensure, and master licensure. You can start working as a supervised plumber with a limited license as an apprentice, but you’ll need to reach journeyman or master levels to work independently.

Do You Need a Plumbing License in Vermont?

Vermont requires plumbers to be licensed by the state at all levels. This is why they offer different licensure classes for all plumbers, from apprentices to masters. 

There are some exceptions. If you are a new apprentice, you will not need a license until you have 2,000 hours of experience. You are also exempt if you are working on your residence, installing plumbing for an experiment in a lab, or performing maintenance and repair at your place of work.

Types of VT Plumbing Licenses

The Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety offers three types of plumbing licenses in Vermont.

  • Limited licenses:
    • P1/P2: for registered apprentices who have at least 2,000 hours of verified experience or those who aren’t registered but also have extensive experience under a licensed supervisor
    • P3: for those with 4,000 hours of experience and education on water treatment or those with acceptable out-of-state training
  • Journeyman licenses: for those who’ve completed their apprenticeship, have a reciprocal out-of-state license with 8,000 hours of experience or have a reciprocal military license
  • Master licenses: for those who have been journeyman plumbers for at least one year (in or out of state), have 12,000 hours of experience and a military license, or have 14,000+ hours of experience in or out of state

For more details on each class, see the first page of the license application.

Applying for Your VT Plumbing License

All license classes go through the same application process. To be eligible for a license, you cannot owe child support (unless you have a plan to pay), taxes, unemployment compensation, or any fines to the judicial bureau or district court. 

The process to apply for your license is as follows:

  1. Complete the official application form.
    1. Make sure all names on the application match that of your government-issued ID 
  2. Verify your work experience and employer information through the Employer Affidavit of Experience form (found on the application)
  3. Provide copies of Certificates of Completion from the Vermont State Apprenticeship Council, if applicable
  4. Pay the fee
    1. Limited licenses: $50 per field 
    2. Journeyman licenses: $90
    3. Master licenses: $120
  5. Sign, notarize, and submit your forms via mail or in-person to:

Division of Fire Safety, Central Office

Licensing Division

45 State Dr

Waterbury, VT 05671-8200

  1. Take and pass the corresponding Pearson VUE plumber’s exam

Vermont Plumbing License Renewals

Plumbing licenses are renewed every two years. You’ll need to complete 8 hours of Continuing Education before the expiration date and pay a renewal fee to update your license. 

If you fail to renew by this date, you’ll have 90 days to renew by paying a $15 late fee on top of the renewal fee. After 90 days you’ll need to ask for reinstatement in front of the Board. 

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