How to Become an HVAC Tech in Nebraska

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians earn roughly $53,000+ per year in Nebraska. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a steady job outlook for these techs through 2030, which means now is as good a time as ever to begin your HVAC career.

HVAC techs in Nebraska are monitored at the local level, so there are no state-wide licensing requirements. There are, however, some national certifications that are both required and recommended for the field. HVAC contractors in NE must also register with the state.

This article will dissect how to become an HVAC tech in NE with a special focus on licensing in its three largest cities: Omaha, Lincoln, and Bellevue.

Do You Need an HVAC Tech Certification in Nebraska?

Nebraska does not issue state-wide HVAC tech certificates or licenses. HVAC technicians should adhere to their local licensing guidelines. 

If you plan to be an HVAC contractor, you’ll need to register with the state as well as with your county or municipality.

If you plan to work with refrigerants, you’re also required by the Clean Air Act to receive your EPA 608 Certificate.

HVAC Training in Nebraska

To become an HVAC tech in Nebraska, you should complete a training program that familiarizes you with the technical and safety standards of climate control systems. 

These programs can be given through a trade school, community college, or registered apprenticeship.

Most programs and apprenticeships will require a high school diploma or its equivalent.

National HVAC Certifications

While you’re studying or once you’re done, consider getting additional certifications to make you a more competent HVAC professional. 

EPA 608 Certificate

HVAC techs working on refrigeration are required by law to hold an EPA 608 Certificate. You’ll need to pass a test to receive this certificate.

NATE Certificates

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the U.S.’s largest non-profit organization for HVAC techs. They offer certifications that are recognized both within Nebraska and across the country.

Becoming an HVAC Tech in Omaha

Omaha requires HVAC techs to be registered and/or licensed at the apprentice, journeyman, master, and contractor levels. These licenses are in Air conditioning/Air distribution, and contractors can choose between residential and commercial specifications. 

Omaha technicians earn around $54,900 per year plus overtime. 

Becoming an HVAC Tech in Lincoln

Lincoln offers registration and licenses for apprentices, journeyman techs, master techs, and HVAC contractors. Contractors will need the right insurance, bond, and experience detailed here.

To become licensed you’ll need to make a profile through the city’s site, VisualVault, where you can apply, set up any required testing, and renew your license in the future.

Lincoln HVAC techs make an average of $54,700 per year.

Becoming an HVAC Tech in Bellevue

Bellevue offers journeyman and master mechanical licenses as well as contractor licenses for those in the HVAC field. You can find details on the definitions and requirements for each license type here.

Contractor and trade licensees will need to pass an exam before becoming licensed. The exam information is issued by the International Code Council

Bellevue HVAC techs can enjoy an average base salary of $61,100 – 19% higher than the national average.

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