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Marketing for Plumbers – Get More Business

It’s hard enough to be a plumber, but it really sucks to have to worry about how to get more clients in the door. Take comfort in knowing that this a challenge that every business, both large and small faces.

If you are interested in building your business and ensuring that your potential clients will have every opportunity to find you then you will need to consider a range of options both online and offline as part of everyday marketing activity for plumbers.

There are many people who will be looking for your contact information. There may be still a few customers who use a phone directory but more will be looking for online contact details and reviews to help them make a choice. Of course, providing a quality service will be a vital part of your promotion but you also need to take advantage of the many tools and methods open to you to ensure that you are able to compete against other plumbers providing services in your area.

Online methods

Having a website has become a fundamental part of marketing for plumbers. It is important for helping people to find you. It is a simple process for people to search online and identify plumbers who operate in their local area. Having a plumber who is online indicates that they are probably more up to date on their business management as well. It is important however to have a website that looks, good, works well and gets updated. It is an important way to represent your business to your clients and must be professional. If you have a website you are also able to set up email addresses using the website name which will look more professional as well. It is worth considering how your site looks on a mobile device as well. Many people will search on their phone for help.

Yelp is important for getting reviews of your business and is a method of marketing for plumbers that has become much more accepted. Try to go that extra mile for your clients and ensure that they are satisfied with your services. You may not be able to satisfy everybody completely all of the time but making the effort is always appreciated. Getting good reviews will be good for your business. If you are listed on Yelp and have the “Request a Quote” service available then make sure you get back to people quickly. Your responsiveness is also seen as a sign of your professionalism. An alternative to Yelp is Angie’s List where the customers tend to be very familiar with looking for information online.

Service Directories
Having an accurate listing of service directories makes it easier for people to find you. If you do list with an online directory and it costs you money then identify how many clients you get from the listing. If you get none then stop the listing. Only pay for a listing that will bring you, customers. But getting yourself listed accurately with up to date details makes it easier to find you. Some directories have been established specifically for plumbers, so go and have a look to see which of your competitors have registered.

Online Reviews
Online reviews are a vital element of marketing for plumbers. Authentic positive or negative reviews can influence a decision to use a service or not. Some people review on Google. Let your customers know that you are happy to get their feedback as this will help you make sure that your service continues to meet client needs, and hopefully, you can resolve any negative issues before a review is documented. If you have the manpower you could do follow up phone calls and record comments then confirm if people are happy for this to be used on your website. Getting genuine feedback adds more authenticity to your company image and could be part of a broader online marketing strategy.

If you are promoting online you need to ensure that your site is working to your advantage. One way to do this is to make your website content work well for you. Consider getting advice from an SEO professional who can help you improve how high your site will rank on searches. Another element might be in relation to the use of social media although the time required for monitoring and maintaining this might need to be considered.

Offline Methods

Always be happy to talk about your work and your business in a positive way. Talk about the good work that you have done when relevant. Talk generally about your happy clients. Be prepared to tell people you enjoy your work and like to achieve good outcomes for clients. You may not feel comfortable doing this but it is important and if you have others working with you they will be glad to see you doing this as they are part of a good company that provides quality services.

Word of Mouth
Word of mouth will always be an important part of marketing for plumbers and it does not cost you anything. Making sure that clients are satisfied with your work is important. Clients are looking for good communication and a professional plumber who listens to them and tells them what is to be done in a clear way. Keeping the client informed and happy can provide great benefits when they tell their friends about how good a job you did, or even recommend you if they hear that someone needs a plumber.

Business cards
Business cards are still a common method of marketing for plumbers and mean that you have given people a low tech and easy way to know how to contact you. You might consider providing your more valuable customers with a customized key ring with your company logo or contact number. These are cheap to have made and will be a regular reminder to them that they used your services. Fridge magnets are also a simple item where your details are constantly on hand for domestic customers if they need you. But if you do choose little novelty items then consider if the investment will be likely to bring you any business benefits.

Direct mail
This might be an older method but it can still provide you with good outcomes. Having a direct mail list might be hard to keep up to date so you will need to consider how you intend to use it and how much you want to invest into this.

Vehicle signs
Simple signage that will list your company name and contact details on your work vehicle will ensure people know that your company is operating and how to make contact. Try to ensure that your work vehicles are kept in good condition. Having your company details on a vehicle that looks badly maintained may not be such a great advertisement for your business.

Wrap advertising
If you wanted to take your vehicle advertising to the next level then you could consider using wrap advertising, which turns your whole vehicle into a mobile billboard. It may not be a common form of marketing for plumbers but it looks impressive and will certainly have an impact. You will need to ensure that you go to a suitable effort for it to be properly designed and installed.

Each marketing method you choose needs to be managed and monitored. It is not valuable to have no way of assessing if your marketing is successful. You could be spending money unnecessarily. But at the same time, you need to make sure you maintain your online presence and do not allow your company’s information to become out of date and inaccurate. Marketing may not seem like a high priority but if you are serious about maintaining your business activity or growing your business then it will play a very important role.

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