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Plumber Resumes

Updated October 2016

If you are interested in finding a job as a plumber, you will want to have the best resume possible. When creating or editing your resume you will want to take into account some of the following tips and suggestions for your resume.


Having an objective on your resume is important. This part of the resume actually has a specific purpose, especially for those applying for a plumbing position. An objective tells the potential employer that you have a goal in mind. Also, it’s a good idea to do a custom objective for each plumber position you apply for. Here is an example objective that you may use on your resume.

Seeking a journeyman plumber position with ABC Company, where I can maximize my experience and education in this field.

As you can see, an objective is very simple, but shows the employer that you have goals in mind when it comes to utilizing your skills.  It also tells the employer that you know what position you are applying for if there are multiple positions open.


You have spent many hours honing your plumbing skills and knowledge. Depending on which plumbing position you are applying for different skill sets will come in handy.

For example: A plumbing company is seeking a plumber who has management skills. 

If you have previous management experience as a skill, then that is something you will want to mention on your resume. The skills section is your section to show off and shine.


Do you have your own tools? Do you own any specialty tools or equipment? Mention it!

Ask for a Second Opinion

Always have another set of eyes look over your resume. Regardless of whether you ran spell check on it.


Did you enroll and take part in a formal plumber apprentice training program? Did you start out as an informal plumber’s assistant? These are both types of education.

Include your high school name and year of graduation or GED equivalent information.

Did you begin college but not complete it? Also mention it. Specify the college name and years you attended and area of study or specify general studies.

Example:          San Jose Community College  – General Studies         – 1995-1997

Have you taken and passed any specialty training? Cal OSHA? Etc.  Mention it!

You can include any informal education such as reading books or manuals on certain plumbing technologies and procedures.


Experience is one of the most important details on your plumber resume. Some potential employers will weigh experience more heavily than education. It really depends on the job and where you are applying. Work history is important to include as well because that is where you got most of your plumbing experience. Most employers are not interested in a job description, but they do want to know how you helped the company. Remember a company is interested in hiring you as their plumber because you will be an asset to their company.

Specify as many different areas of knowledge you have been shown and have learned.  Mention all major tasks you have performed, such as; pipe-ftiing, welding, type welding equipement you’ve used, etc.

Make it easy to read and not too long

When a plumbing position is being filled there may be many applicant resumes that management has to review.

Always be concise and to the point. Some job seekers fill their resume with irrelevant information that only clutters the page. Be intentional with every piece of information you are placing on your resume, especially with your objectives and skill sets.

Don’t cram too much information in your resume. Your resume should not exceed two pages. Make sure your resume is easy to read with the proper font and font size. This helps the person reading your resume.

Don’t try to come across as too professional. Nobody likes a know it all. You want to have a healthy balance between sounding like a real person and a professional.

What if you don’t have any experience as a plumber yet?

If you are just entering the plumbing field as an apprentice or entry level trainee you can still create a resume that will get results. 

Spell out your objective

Objectives are very important to any position you are applying for. Be concise and clear about the plumbing position you are trying to obtain. Use words that show you are serious about getting the job and keeping it.

For example: “Sharp and responsible new plumber in training seeks entry level or apprentice plumber position”

Elaborate on your education

If you just graduated with a relevant degree, but have no experience in your field it can still work to your advantage. Be very clear on the education you do have and what you learned during your time in school.

Talk about your experience in other Jobs

Sometimes employers are willing to do the training if you are the right person for the job. A potential employer can also tell a lot by just looking at your work history and experience. Never think that your previous work history is not relevant to the position you are applying for.

Never lie

If you lie on your resume and an employer finds out about it, then you can get fired on the spot. Just be honest about not having any experience in the field. Believe it or not but some companies will take a chance with you and train you. In fact, sometimes it works out in their favor because they can train you how they want. The company does not have to worry about habits or ideas you picked up from other plumbing jobs.


New plumbers are always needed. Baby boomer plumbers are retiring and there is a growing demand for new plumbers to enter the field.

Even if a company is not advertising for entry level plumbers, go ahead and send your resume in anyway. It shows that you’re eager and take action. You may not have the experience but you are willing to put yourself out there and try. Most potential employers appreciate this quality/

Not having working experience as a plumber should not stop you. You’ve got to get your experience somewhere.

These are great tips to make sure you have the best plumber resume possible for the next position you apply for. Keep it simple, but also be original.

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