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Plumbers and Customer Service – Go Hand in Hand

Updated October 2016

The basic role of a plumber is to install and repair water systems. However, most plumbing jobs require plenty of face to face time with customers and prospective e customers.

Good customer service skills are in play almost daily in the plumbing industry. Taking a closer look at customer service principles will help you understand how plumber jobs fit into the customer service picture.

Customers First

When it comes to installing or repairing systems it is always about the customer. A plumber’s job is to make sure customers’ needs are met. Along the way, you might find yourself chatting with customers and making small talk. Friendliness and being sociable are important in making a customer feel comfortable and relaxed.

Listening to Others

A major part of customer service is listening to the customer. During your shift you might need to talk to several customers about their problems or needs. Listening is a major skill you will need to have in order to be successful in your job. The better you can listen then the better you can serve those around you. Remember to listen twice as much as you speak. Not only is listening important to understanding the issue at hand, but listening makes the customer feel like he or she is being heard and they will feel better about having hired you. Customers appreciate being heard. 

Problem Solving

Plumbers run into some interesting scenarios. You may be asked to call on the home office for additional assistance. You also may be asked to detail to all parties concerned your diagnosis of the problem is and what your suggested fix is. There may be a point where you have to listen to several different “customers” at once. Your problem solving skills will come in handy at this point. 


Communication comes in handy with clients and with other coworkers. If you can communicate effectively and clearly, then you will be great at your job. Communication becomes a vital part of your job because it helps people do their job faster. It’s important to remember to not get too technical in your jargon when trying to explain something to your customers. 

Plumbers and Customer Service

As a plumber you should be prepared with good customer service skills. These skills include listening, communicating, and problem solving. Sometimes a customer might be agitated or upset and may not be able to convey their problem well. It is your responsibility to try and decipher what they are saying by listening intently and reiterating back to the customer your understanding of their concern.

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