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Plumber Training Courses in Alaska

Thinking about becoming a plumber in Alaska but you’re not quite sure where to start? Here are a few courses you can take in Alaska to point you in the right direction to become a certified plumber.  After you’ve got your educational requirements met, you can check out this page for more information on getting your Alaska plumber’s license.

Plumber’s Training Institute

The Plumber’s Training Institute allows you to purchase different courses that will help you achieve the total of 16 hours you need for continuing education and certification. Of these 16 hours, 8 will focus on code and 8 will focus on industry related skills.

The first course you can purchase is a package of 8 hours. You will spend 3 hours learning about fire sprinklers, hydraulic calculations, and valves. Next, you will spend 3 hours learning about confined spaces, and round off the course with 2 hours of pricing your plumbing skills for profit.

There is another course that you can purchase with this that will cover the whole 8 hours of plumbing code. You can also buy individual courses instead of the package if you aren’t able to purchase the whole package at one time.

Anchorage Area Plumbers ; Pipefitters Joint Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship is super exclusive, and you have to take a series of tests before they will even let you apply. These tests include reading for information, locating information, and applied mathematics. You must get a score of 4 on the first two tests and a score of 5 on the final test before you can apply.

The apprenticeship is a 10,000-hour on-the-job training program that spans across five years or more. This is a paid apprenticeship, so you will make money while you learn and work. They also offer raises of 10% when you complete 12 months and 2,000 hours of work. Pay starts at $20.50 per hour for most positions. 

There is mandatory shop training and classroom time for 6 weeks each year that you are not paid for attending. However, if you qualify you might be able to collect unemployment benefits during this time. To qualify for this program, you have to be at least 18 years old with a High School Diploma or GED.

Alaska Vocational Technical Center

The Alaska Vocational Technical Center offers a course that blends plumbing and heating. Plumbers and heating technicians are highly demanded in Alaska in both rural and urban areas. Half of this training will be hands on and half will be classroom instruction. 

The program offered moves very quickly and is pretty difficult. You must have a strong mechanical aptitude, math skills, and reading skills. You also have to have great time management skills. Classes run Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

The course covers 630 clock hours. 235 clock hours will focus on plumbing, 280 clock hours will focus on heating, 84 clock hours will focus on electricity, and 31 clock hours will focus on employability skills.

In the plumbing course you will learn how to properly use common tools for plumbing, install materials, fittings, valves, faucets, and meters, correctly size any fittings you need, how to troubleshoot, and many other important skills for the job. 

To get accepted into this course, you have to have strong math and reading skills. It is also a requirement that you have good vision, hearing, and dexterity. There are some physical requirements as well, like being able to lift and carry 50 pounds. You also have to be able to stoop down, crawl, and walk for several hours each day.

The program is designed to be completed over just 18 weeks. You do need to pay for this course, and it is not an apprenticeship.

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