Plumber Training Courses in San Antonio Tx – Plumbing Schools San Antonio Texas

Becoming a plumber is a great career choice. There are several steps you need to take to get there, and it all starts with getting the right education. Take a look at some of these options in San Antonio, Texas that can prepare you for your new career.

Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors

PHCC offers a night school program for plumbing in San Antonio. The program is approved by the Department of Labor and is accredited federally. This means that the program qualifies the student for better incentives when they get their license. This is a four-year curriculum that includes hands-on and classroom training.

Ashworth College

If you can’t make it for in-person classes, you should consider an online plumbing program. Ashworth offers a plumbing course you can take completely online and in your own time. If you work quickly, you can have the course completed in as little as four months. In the course, you will learn all the essentials to set you up for success when you enter the career field. j

University of Texas San Antonio

The University of Texas San Antonio offers a course in Foundations of Plumbing. The course will teach you all the essentials and fundamentals that you need to know to get the job done correctly. This course can be taken in your own time with the potential of completing all 145 class hours in about a year.

Coppera Plumbing ; Commercial Services

Coppera offers education and training for those in Austin and San Antonio that are interested in commercial plumbing. Apprentices attend four ten-hour classes each quarter for a full year. After the fourth quarter, first year certification is given. Students will still need to attend classes for a total of four years.

UA Local 142

Apprentices in this program will attend school two nights a week starting in September and ending in May for HVAC, pipefitting, or plumbing. They will then work in their trade during the day for on-the-job training while getting paid for it. You will get to work alongside experienced Journeymen and learn from the best.

If you aren’t ready to be an apprentice, you can start out as a helper working to help Journeymen and apprentices on the job. You will still get paid as you become more prepared to enter the apprenticeship.

Career and Technical Education Center

This plumbing program is fantastic for high school students that are interested in learning the trade of plumbing for their career. It prepares them for an entry-level position in the plumbing industry. Students are encouraged to participate in the whole four-year program but can earn their Plumbing Endorsement after participating for two years.


Winn’s offers four levels of plumbing apprenticeships. You can progress through the levels at your own pace, and you aren’t required to attend classes in person. You can begin the program as soon as you finish the application process. You just need to register and receive your DOL apprentice number to proceed with the program.

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