Plumber Training Courses in Los Angeles – Plumbing Schools LA Area

The list below indicates all the schools in the metropolitan Los Angeles area and surrounding cities that offer plumber-training courses. While many of these are very comprehensive others are merely to get your feet wet. 

In California, education comes via a membership with a plumbers and pipefitters organization. They either offer classes or have a partnership with a school. Therefore, all levels and degrees of plumber training will be through them.

1. Los Angeles Trade Technical College

Offering a degree or certificate in plumbing, Los Angeles Trade Technical College has the most comprehensive program in the vicinity. Students will learn industrial, residential or commercial plumbing for construction and/or repair.

2. Sutech School of Vocational and Technical Training

The other thorough plumbing program in Los Angeles is the Building Maintenance course at Sutech School of Vocational and Technical Training. It takes about 17 weeks to complete with 540 hours of hands-on experience. This includes plumbing but also electric, painting and woodwork.

3. PHCC Vocational School

The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (PHCC) of Southern California have offered their highly acclaimed program since 1967. They have training, classes and hands-on experience for both apprentices and journeymen. Each class develops and evolves based on the latest codes, practices and technology.

4. A;J Training Trust Fund

The Apprentice ; Journeymen Training Trust Fund of the Southern California Plumbing ; Pipefitting Industry has classes, training and many other learning opportunities for all experience levels. Through here, you contact your local union and they will direct you to the right application forms and other necessary processes.

5. Cal Apprenticeship

The programs offered through Cal Apprenticeship occur once prospective plumbers contact their local plumbing and pipefitting organization, association or union. They show you everything from fixture and materials to extensions, alterations and removal of plumbing systems. It is a very intensive yet thorough program.

This includes five years with 9,000 hours on-the-job training and 1,080 hours of classes. Once completed, you become a member of the union and get a ton of perks like dental, medical and optical coverage.


[Contact information will vary depending on the local union you join; regulations and building codes between areas are different]

6. Glendale Community College

While there is definitely some kind of plumbing program available, Glendale Community College does not list it easily. They have both on-campus and online classes available along with working with local unions to ensure the latest techniques go into the curriculum.

7. El Camino College

El Camino College offers a certification of completion in the plumbing arts. It teaches students the fundamentals of basic plumbing along with standard rules, codes, laws and regulations. It’s an avenue to getting on the right career path with your local plumbers union or association in six months or less.

8. College of the Canyons

Students looking to get their feet wet with plumbing can sign onto the Plumbing Technology Program at College of the Canyons. This will prepare you for an entry level position that includes building codes and other basic skills along with trades math, applications and print reading.

All this culminates into a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of the required 18 units or a Certificate of Specialization of the required four units. They also help place you within the appropriate plumbing association or union suited to your needs and location.

9. Pasadena City College

Pasadena City College has various certifications and degrees for learning about plumbing. While none of these are a direct pathway to becoming a plumber, they do offer basic courses that give a general overview of the trade. These classes are applicable and accredited to transfer to other schools.

10. East Los Angeles Occupational Center

The Building ; Construction Program offered at East Los Angeles Occupational Center gives students an overview of all things related to construction and repair. This includes plumbing, but also electric, trade math, roofing and so much more. Credits are transferrable to some other places; inquire with the school for more details.

  • Address: 2100 Marengo St, Los Angeles, CA 90033
  • Phone Number: (323) 276-7000
  • Email: there is no email address or contact form available
  • Website:

11. Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College has a decent range of options for getting a foundational plumbing education. You can get an Associate’s Degree, a Certificate of Achievement or get credits for transfer to another school. It covers all the basics while also getting other essential education credits you need.

12. Los Angeles Southwest Community College

The Los Angeles Southwest Community College offers a bare-bones basic course that overviews the construction and building trades. While this does incorporate plumbing, it also has courses around electric, heating and others. Upon  successful completion, you receive a certificate.

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