Plumber training courses in Seattle Washington

Plumber training courses in Seattle Washington – Washington Plumbing License

Find schools and institutes offering plumber training courses in Seattle Washington.

Plumbing is a revered skill which is taught in many institutions of both tertiary and higher education levels. It is a skill which is always high in demand as there is a market for it all year through. However, plumbers need to have a series of combined skills related to the trade. These set of combined skills make a plumber quite competent to perform plumbing operations in a commercial, domestic or industrial installation.

Even though the trade of plumbing and its teaching is ungoverned in many parts of the world, developed countries put an emphasis on it and have institutions to control its practice. Plumbers are required to have a certain level of education and skill to practice the trade in a city or metropolitan. They are also required to get permits from the authorities in order to be considered for work.

In Seattle, plumber training courses are available in which you can get graduate in twelve months and get permits to work as a plumber. These institutions adhere to the plumbing codes set by the state of Washington. The tuition fee is fairly affordable and the teaching staff well-trained.

Renton Technical College
This College offers a two-year plumbing course which is recognized all over the country. The course consists of about 215 hours of in-class learning. These hours are split between days and evenings in the weekdays. This course also requires 5000 to 9000 hours of training in the practice. A prospective student should be 18 or more years to be enrolled in this course. He or she should also have a high school diploma and a driver’s license from the state of Washington. A score of 60 and above is also required in an ED ready Math paper. One must also have a ‘B’ or above in Algebra in high school. The tuition fee is approximately $4700 per year.

To apply, you can contact the administration using this contact; PJ Moss-The Training Coordinator (425-271-5900)

Penn Foster Career School
This is an online school that offers quality online plumbing courses in Seattle WA. It offers a diploma with a flexible timeline and enough resources. This ensures any student who enrolls gains the required skill and knowledge with his own pace.

Graduates of this course are known to be highly skilled plumbers who pass the state regulation tests with ease. The tuition fee is fairly affordable and the course is quite detailed and flexible. You can contact the administration through the number 1-800-275-4410.You can also get more information in their site

South Seattle College
This college also offers some online and part time plumbing courses in Seattle WA. These courses are tailored to fit any willing student’s demands. They are quite flexible as one can get certified by studying online. Furthermore, a busy person who has a 9-5 job can also enroll for evening classes and study part time. The degree course is highly rated and can get you great jobs.
To apply, you can contact the school using the email;

Seattle Area Pipe Trades Education Center
This institution offers plumbing courses in Seattle WA which are approved by the state of Washington. The alumnae of these courses are highly respected in the plumbing industry. The course prepares a student for the job as it provides the required skills and knowledge in an easy to learn package. You can get more information on their website


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