Tips for Plumbers That Want to Ask for a Raise

Tips for Plumbers That Want to Ask for a Raise

Updated October 2016

So you haven’t received a raise in a while and think you’re due for one. What’s the best way to go about asking for a raise?

Here are some things that may increase your likelihood of getting what you ask for.

But first, ask yourself: Do you really deserve a raise? Have you done all that’s been asked of you? Have you gone above and beyond and done more than what’s been asked of you? Is your attendance satisfactory?

Make sure you don’t ask for a raise simply because you’ve been there for “x” number of years and haven’t gotten one. Merely showing up to work is not a reason for getting a raise. Raises are for plumbers that are an asset to the company. If you left your job tomorrow and you were missed because of the knowledge you brought the company, the good service you provided and good referrals you created, then you surely deserve a raise to retain you.

If you still think you deserve a raise then proceed. If not, work harder and come back to this article in six months.


Be prepared to answer the question, “Why do you deserve a raise?” Make it short, sweet, and to the point.

Start by making a list of your good qualities, the jobs where you have been complimented by customers, co-workers, and your boss? Write these things down.

Is your attendance record good, write this down as well. Write down your accomplishments with the company since your last raise or since you started.

Practice your talking points and be confident about how you speak about yourself.

The Meeting

Ask for a meeting when your boss is in a good mood.

When your boss or supervisor asks why you think you deserve a raise you provide your prepared, short answer.

What if you don’t get a raise?

Make sure to ask your boss what factors the company uses when determining who to give a raise to.

If your employer has not set goals for you, make sure that the next time you sit down with them you ask them to work with you in determining goals. Without goals, how will you know what your employer needs from you over the long term?

Once you have goals established, it is much easier for both you and your employer to determine whether you’ve met those goals and hence make it clear to all parties that you deserve a raise. Now you will know exactly what you have to do to ensure you get a raise next time.

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