Will There Always be a Need for Plumbers?

Updated October 2016

Will Technology Affect the Future of Plumbing Jobs?

Technology has done away with many jobs and entire industries. Technology has hit the the plumbing industry as well, but not in the way you might imagine. Technology has made a plumbers job a bit more complicated, but it also may be adding to the plumber’s job security.

As long as people need to drink water, wash, and use the toilet, there will be a plumbing industry. Because of their physical nature, the water systems that plumbers work on will likely continue to be worked on by humans. Until such time that incredible robots take our place. But then, we’ll have other things to worry about.

Will plumbing jobs be outsourced? Highly unlikely.

Are plumber jobs safe for now? I would say yes. But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. As technology pushes all aspects of life forward, surely it will continue to penetrate and change the plumbing industry.

The threat is not from robots but by the plumber himself. As technology pervades the plumbing industries, one must keep up or be left behind.

How can I be sure becoming a plumber is a good career choice for the future?

While you can’t predict the future, we can certainly read the signs of where the plumbing field has been and where those indicators point to. And they point up!

Plumbing industry jobs are on pace to grow by more than 20% every year for the next ten years according to Department of Labor forecasts. This is higher than average for other industries.

Combine those figures with projections that the population will hit 438 million by the year 2050 and you have an industry that should be on target to provide employment to many plumbers over the next couple of decades.

Aside from growth projections, one must take into account the many current plumbers that will be retiring from the profession over the next few years.

The future for new plumbers looks bright.

Furthering your education to ensuring your success as a plumber

As with any profession, the more training and schooling you have in any particular field will always help you to succeed. Continue your education and training so that you can become the best possible plumber you can be. The more education and training you have, the easier it will be to find employment.

Three Reasons you Should Continue Your Plumber Training

Some people are happy where they are. Some people want more out of life. If you seek more, you will get more. Additional training and education is available so that you can further your career. Why not try to excel in your career instead of just getting by?

Higher Pay

Money is always a key reason for undergoing additional plumber training.


The more skills you have trained for and acquired, the more valuable you are as a plumber. You will have a larger range of types of jobs that are available to you in the plumbing industry.


Furthering your plumber training will allow you to know what you’re talking about. Whether its among co-workers, bosses, or customers. Authority that stems from knowledge is valuable to plumbers.

Yes, there will be a need for plumbers as far as the eye can see, but your personal success will depend on how much extra effort you choose to put into it.

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