Trade Schools in GA – Georgia Trade and Vocational Schools

We’ve published this extensive list of trade schools in GA. We hope you find the schools and training you need to get your career on the right path.

Georgia Trade School

Georgia Trade School provides best in class training on the latest cutting edge welding technology! The magnetic culture we have created is not only smart for our company, but also our students, graduates, industry and community. Many people talk about workforce development, but we live it every single day.

Areas Covered:

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW),
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW),
Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW),
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

– Vertical Up
– Vertical Down
– Open Butt, Groove and Fillet Welds
– Pipe Positions: 2G, 5G, and 6G.
– Plate Positions: 2G, 3G, and 4G.
– Welding will be conducted on 2, 4, 6 or 8 inch pipe.
– Plate Steel: 1/8” to ¾”
– Thin Metal (Gauges between 22 and 11) 

Interactive College of Technology

Interactive College of Technology offers Associate of Science Degrees and Diploma programs in technical, trade and business as well as one of the most comprehensive Vocational English as a Second Language programs in the U.S. We provide our college students with great value through personal instruction, small class sizes, and technical training opportunities.

Programs Offered:

Accounting and Professional Business Applications
Business Information Systems
Business Management
Commercial Refrigeration
Human Resource Management
Information Technology
Medical Office Administration
Vocational English As A Second Language

Lincoln Tech

This career school provides hands-on training in healthcare and skilled trades, offering programs at both the Certificate and Associate Degree level, depending upon the program, in areas such as HVAC training, Healthcare, and Electrical/Electronics.

The Marietta campus is proud to be an Accredited Training Sponsor for Electrical Systems Technicians, as well as the home of many nationally-certified Master HVACR Instructors.

South Georgia Technical College

As a member of the Technical College System of Georgia and a residential institution of higher education, it is the mission of South Georgia Technical

College to prepare individuals for success in the workforce by providing accessible, high-quality associate of applied science degrees, diplomas, technical certificates of credit, and non-credit programs and services that support the needs of citizens, businesses, and industries within our service delivery area in Southwest Georgia.

Programs Offered:

Accounting Degree
Administrative Support Assistant
Advanced CAD Operator Mechanical
Advanced Commercial Refrigeration
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
Advanced Residential Systems Specialization
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder
Agricultural Technology
Air Conditioning Electrical Technician
Air Conditioning Repair Specialist
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant
Air Conditioning Technology
Air Conditioning Technology Degree
Aircraft Assembly Technician
Aircraft Structural Technology
Alternative Energy Fundamentals
Auto Basic Mtn & Detailing Tec
Auto Collision Repair
Auto Electrical/Electronic Systems
Auto Engine Performance Tech
Automotive Chassis and Climate Control Specialist
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist
Automotive Climate Control Technician
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant I
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant II
Automotive Engine Repair Technician
Automotive Refinishing Assistant I
Automotive Refinishing Assistant II
Automotive Technology
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist
Aviation Maintenance Technician
Aviation Maintenance Technician – Airframe
Aviation Maintenance Technician-Powerplant
Aviation Maintenance Technology
Avionics Bench Technician
Avionics Maintenance Technology
Barbering Assistant
Barbering for Cosmetologists
Basic Autocad Operator
Basic Electrical Technician
Basic Electronic Assembler
Basic Fire Company Officer
Basic Law Enforcement
Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder
Business Technology Degree
Business Technology Diploma
CAD Operator
CAD Operator Mechanical
Catering Specialist
CDA Preparation
Certified Construction Worker
Certified Customer Service Specialist
Certified Manufacturing Specialist
Child Development Specialist
Cisco Network Specialist
CNC Operator
CNC Specialist
Commercial Truck Driving
Commercial Wiring
CompTIA A+ Certified Tech
Computer Support Specialist
Computer Support Specialist Degree
Computerized Accounting Specialist
Cosmetology Instructor Training
Crime Scene Fundamentals
Criminal Justice Fundamentals
Criminal Justice Specialist
Criminal Justice Tech Degree
Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Culinary Arts Degree
Culinary Arts Diploma
Data Entry Clerk
Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician
Diesel Engine Service Technician
Diesel Equipment Technology
Diesel Truck Maintenance Technician
Drafter’s Assistant
Drafting Technology Degree
Drafting Technology Diploma
Early Childhood Care & Education Basic
Early Childhood Care & Education Degree
Early Childhood Care/Education Diploma
Electrical Construction Technology
Electrical Contracting Technician
Electrical Lineworker
Electrical Maintenance Technician
Electrical Power Generation Dealer Service Technology
Electrical Systems Technology Diploma
Electrical Technician
Electronics Technology
Electronics Technology Degree
Emergency Medical Technician
Environmental Horticulture Technician
Fire Officer I
Fire Officer II
Fire Science Technology
Firefighter I
Firefighter II
Firefighter/Emergency Medical
Flux Cored Arc Welder
Food and Beverage Director
Food Production Worker
Framing Carpenter
Garden Center Technician
Gas Metal Arc Welder
Gas Tungsten Arc Welder
Health Care Assistant
Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Technician
Heavy Diesel Service Technician
Heavy Equipment Dealer Service Technology
Help Desk Specialist
Horticultural Pesticide Applicator
Horticulture Degree
Horticulture Diploma
Industrial Electrical Controls
Industrial Electrician
Industrial Fluid Power Technician
Industrial Mechanical Systems
Industrial Motor Control Technician
Industrial Systems Technology
Industrial Wiring Technician
Landscape Specialist
Lathe Operator
Lawn Maintenance Specialist
Light Commercial Air Cond Spec
Manufacturing Maintenance Fundamentals
Marketing Management
Marketing Management Degree
Marketing Speicalist
Medical Assisting
Medical Billing Clerk
Medical Coding
Medical Front Office Assistant
Medical Receptionist
Microsoft Excel Application Specialist
Microsoft Network Administrator
Microsoft Office Application Professional
Microsoft Office Application Specialist
Microsoft Word Application Professional
Microsoft Word Application Specialist
Mill Operator
Mobile Electronics Technician
Motorsports Chassis Technician
Motorsports Engine Builder
Motorsports Fabrication Technician
Motorsports Vehicle Technology
Nail Technician
Network Administrator
Network Support Specialist
Network Technician
Networking Specialist
Networking Specialist Degree
Nurse Aide
Nursery/Greenhouse Technician
Office Accounting Specialist
Ornamental Iron Fabricator
Patient Care Assistant
Payroll Accounting Specialist
PC Repair and Network Technician
Phlebotomy Technician
Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician
Pipe Welder
Practical Nursing
Precision Machining and Manufacturing
Prep Cook
Process Control Technician I
Process Control Technician II
Programmable Control Technician
Pulp and Paper Operations
Railcar Repair Technician
Refrigeration System Service Technician
Residential Air Conditioning Technician
Residential Wiring Technician
Restaurant Operations Specialist
Retail Merchandise Manager
Robotic Technician
Sales Professional
Selected Topics in Criminal Justice
Small Business Marketing Manager
Sports and Fitness Management
Sports and Fitness Management Degree
Supervisor/Management Specialist
Transport Temp Control Tech
Turfgrass Maintenance Technician
Utility Equipment Technician
Vertical Shielded Metal Arc Welder Fabricator
Welding & Brazing Technician
Welding and Joining Tech

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, located in South Georgia, is committed to preparing students for successful careers in an ever-changing workforce. Established in 1963, Wiregrass is one of the leading technical colleges in the state.

Recognized for achievements in workforce development, we provide individuals with the education, training, and skills to positively influence a stagnant economy.

Programs Available:

AccountingYesBusiness Education
AccountingYesBusiness Education
Accounting Clerk AssistantYesBusiness Education
Administrative Support AssistantYesBusiness Education
Advanced Child Development SpecialistYesProfessional Services
Advanced Commercial RefrigerationYesTechnical & Industrial
Advanced Criminal Justice SpecialistYesProfessional Services
Advanced Patient Care AssistantYesAllied Health
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc WelderYesTechnical & Industrial
Agribusiness ManagerYesBusiness Education
Air Conditioning Electrical TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Air Conditioning Repair SpecialistYesTechnical & Industrial
Air Conditioning Technician AssistantYesTechnical & Industrial
Air Conditioning TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Associate of Science in NursingYesAllied Health
Auto Electrical/Electronic Systems TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Automotive Chassis Technician SpecialistYesTechnical & Industrial
Automotive Climate Control TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Automotive Collision Repair (NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS EFFECTIVE SUMMER 2020)YesTechnical & Industrial
Automotive Engine Performance TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Automotive FundamentalsYesTechnical & Industrial
Automotive TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Automotive Transmission/ Transaxle Tech SpecialistYesTechnical & Industrial
AWS Cloud Solutions SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Baking and Pastry SpecialistYesProfessional Services
Barber IIYesProfessional Services
BarberingYesProfessional Services
Barbering AssistantYesProfessional Services
Barbering Assistant IYesProfessional Services
Barbering for CosmetologistsYesProfessional Services
Basic Electricity TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Basic Machining OperatorYesTechnical & Industrial
Basic MachinistYesTechnical & Industrial
Basic Mechatronics TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Basic Shielded Metal Arc WelderYesTechnical & Industrial
Business and Customer Service TechnologyYesBusiness Education
Business ManagementYesBusiness Education
Business ManagementYesBusiness Education
Business TechnologyYesBusiness Education
Business TechnologyYesBusiness Education
Cable Installation SpecialistYesTechnical & Industrial
Camera AssistantYesBusiness Education
Carpentry FundamentalsYesTechnical & Industrial
Catering SpecialistYesProfessional Services
CDA PreparationYesProfessional Services
Certified Customer Service SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Child Development SpecialistYesProfessional Services
Civil Engineering Technology (Effective Spring 2022)YesTechnical & Industrial
CNC SpecialistYesTechnical & Industrial
Commercial Electrical Construction TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Commercial Electrical Construction TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Commercial Truck DrivingYesProfessional Services
Computer Engineering TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Computer ProgrammingYesBusiness Education
Computer ProgrammingYesBusiness Education
Computer Support SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Computer Support SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Computerized Accounting SpecialistYesBusiness Education
CosmetologyYesProfessional Services
Criminal Justice – Associate of ScienceYesProfessional Services
Criminal Justice FundamentalsYesProfessional Services
Criminal Justice SpecialistYesProfessional Services
Criminal Justice TechnologyYesProfessional Services
Criminal Justice TechnologyYesProfessional Services
Culinary ArtsYesProfessional Services
Culinary ArtsYesProfessional Services
Customer Contact SpecialistYesBusiness Education
CybersecurityYesBusiness Education
CybersecurityYesBusiness Education
CybersecurityYesBusiness Education
Dental AssistingYesAllied Health
Dental HygieneYesAllied Health
Design and Media Production TechnologyYesBusiness Education
Design and Media Production TechnologyYesBusiness Education
Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Diesel Truck Maintenance TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Early Childhood Care and Education BasicsYesProfessional Services
Early Childhood Care/EducationYesProfessional Services
Early Childhood Care/EducationYesProfessional Services
Early Childhood Program AdministrationYesProfessional Services
Early College EssentialsYesBusiness Education
EducationYesProfessional Services
Electrical Maintenance TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Electrical/Computer Engineering TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Emergency Medical PreParamedicYesAllied Health
Emergency Medical ResponderYesAllied Health
Engineering TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
EntrepreneurshipYesBusiness Education
EstheticianYesProfessional Services
Eyewear Dispensing SpecialistYesAllied Health
Fire Officer IYesProfessional Services
Fire Officer IIYesProfessional Services
Fire Science TechnologyYesProfessional Services
Fire Science TechnologyYesProfessional Services
Flux Cored Arc WelderYesTechnical & Industrial
Food Production Worker IYesProfessional Services
Full Stack DeveloperYesBusiness Education
Fundamental Skills of Culinary ArtsYesProfessional Services
Game DevelopmentYesBusiness Education
Gaming DevelopmentYesBusiness Education
Gaming DevelopmentYesBusiness Education
Gas Metal Arc WelderYesTechnical & Industrial
Gas Tungsten Arc WelderYesTechnical & Industrial
GaTAPP Early Childhood Education PrecertificationYesProfessional Services
General Business – Associate of ScienceYesBusiness Education
General Construction AssistantYesTechnical & Industrial
General Studies – Associate of ScienceYesBusiness Education
Geriatric Care AssistantYesAllied Health
Graphic Design and Prepress TechnicianYesBusiness Education
Graphic Design AssistantYesBusiness Education
Hair DesignerYesProfessional Services
Health Information CodingYesBusiness Education
Health Information Management TechnologyYesBusiness Education
Health Information SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Help Desk SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Industrial Electrical AssistantYesTechnical & Industrial
Industrial ElectricianYesTechnical & Industrial
Industrial Fluid Power TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Industrial Systems FundamentalsYesTechnical & Industrial
Industrial Systems TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Industry 4.0 TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Infant/Toddler Care SpecialistYesProfessional Services
Interdisciplinary StudiesYesTechnical & Industrial
iOS App Development in Swift (Effective Fall 2022)YesBusiness Education
Landscape SpecialistYesProfessional Services
Lathe OperatorYesTechnical & Industrial
Lawn Maintenance SpecialistYesProfessional Services
Low Voltage Electronic Safety and Security TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Low Voltage System InstallerYesTechnical & Industrial
Mechatronics SpecialistYesTechnical & Industrial
Mechatronics TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Medical AssistingYesAllied Health
Medical AssistingYesAllied Health
Medical ReceptionistYesAllied Health
Metals TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Microsoft Office Application ProfessionalYesBusiness Education
Mill OperatorYesTechnical & Industrial
Nail TechnicianYesProfessional Services
Networking SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Networking SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Neuromuscular Massage TherapistYesAllied Health
Nurse AideYesAllied Health
Nursing TechnicianYesAllied Health
Occupational StudiesYesBusiness Education
Office Accounting SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Opticianry (Vision Care Technology)YesAllied Health
Opticianry (Vision Care Technology)YesAllied Health
ParamedicineYesAllied Health
ParamedicineYesAllied Health
Patient Care AssistantYesAllied Health
Payroll Accounting SpecialistYesBusiness Education
PC Repair and Network TechnicianYesBusiness Education
Pharmacy TechnologyYesAllied Health
Pharmacy TechnologyYesAllied Health
Phlebotomy TechnicianYesAllied Health
Pipe WelderYesTechnical & Industrial
Practical NursingYesAllied Health
Precision Machining & Manufacturing (Previously Machine Tool Technology)YesTechnical & Industrial
Prep CookYesProfessional Services
Programmable Control TechnicianYesTechnical & Industrial
Radiologic Technologist AssistantYesAllied Health
Radiologic TechnologyYesAllied Health
Shampoo TechnicianYesProfessional Services
Social Media SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Supervisor/Management SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Surgical TechnologyYesAllied Health
Technical SpecialistYesBusiness Education
Technical StudiesYesTechnical & Industrial
Telecommunications and Security TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial
Transitions in Nursing (ASN Bridge) (Effective Fall 2022)YesAllied Health
Transitions in Nursing (LPN to ASN Bridge)YesAllied Health
Web and Mobile Application DevelopmentYesBusiness Education
Web Application DeveloperYesBusiness Education
Web Site DesignYesBusiness Education
Web Site DesignYesBusiness Education
Welding & Joining TechnologyYesTechnical & Industrial

Central Georgia Technical College

Central Georgia Technical College is dedicated to excellence in fulfilling its mission.

The College seeks to meet its mission by providing educational, extra-curricular, co-curricular, and workforce development programs, and services that support the economic development and well-being of the citizens within its established service delivery area.

To support its workforce mission, Central Georgia Technical College employs knowledgeable, competent faculty, up-to-date facilities, and industry-specific equipment to ensure that students, faculty, and staff are surrounded by an environment conducive to learning.

Programs Available:


CGTC’s aerospace, trade, and industry programs prepare our graduates to take control of their career. Graduates from these programs build and maintain cabinetry, repair automotive engines, airplanes, and heating and cooling systems, design and innovate the electronics, video game, and industrial systems of tomorrow, and more. If you like working with your hands, CGTC’s aerospace, trade and industry programs are for you.


Do you want to be part of one of today’s fastest-growing industries? CGTC offers students real-world experience to prepare you for a career focused on business and computer technology. Whether you want to build computers or design the software that drives them, CGTC’s Information Technology program has something for you. Programs such as Accounting, Banking and Finance, Logistics, Business Management, and more ensure that CGTC’s graduates are ready to meet today’s business demands.


Many of the fastest growing occupations in Georgia are in health care and CGTC’s health technology labs are always up-to-date to keep up with industry standards. CGTC provides well-qualified health care industry graduates to help meet the demand. Students in CGTC’s health programs train in fully functional state-of-the-art labs that feature cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, and computed radiography equipment. Students then have the opportunity to further their education with hands-on training in hospitals and clinical facilities across Georgia. No matter the specialization, CGTC offers the facilities and training to help graduates succeed.


If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, a career in Public Safety and Professional Services is for you. CGTC offers courses designed to prepare students for rewarding careers focused on strengthening our communities. Whether to beautify, protect and serve, or enrich, careers in the Public Safety and Professional Services fields are in high demand and our graduates are ready to serve. Check out our programs such as Cosmetology, Early Childhood Care and Education, Barbering, Criminal Justice, and more!


The General Education program provides students with a comprehensive core collegiate curriculum and an academic experience designed to enable each person to succeed at CGTC and in their chosen occupational fields. Successful completion of required General Education core courses results in CGTC students acquiring baseline academic competencies, refinement of study skills, and an ability to demonstrate a work ethic for success in the workplace.

Ogeechee Technical College

An ever-present resolve to provide innovative programs of study keeps Ogeechee Tech at the forefront of meeting the educational demands of citizens in this region of Georgia. With over 3,000 students attending credit classes in academic year 2022, and many others attending adult education, and continuing education classes, the demand for Ogeechee Tech’s services is constant.

Whether credit programs, continuing education, GED and literacy instruction, or various other services, the College’s commitment to meet the needs of the region remains strong. The rich heritage of Ogeechee Technical College serves as a solid foundation and inspiration for seeking greater success in the future.

Programs available:

Forklift Safety Training08/22/2208/23/22M and Tu from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM129.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers08/30/2208/30/22Tu from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM Room 120659.00
Heartsaver CPR & First Aid09/13/2209/13/22Tu from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM89.00
Forklift Safety Training09/15/2209/15/22Th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM129.00
Secrets of Better Photography09/06/2209/15/22Tu and Th from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM99.00
AHA CPR Instructor Course09/20/2209/20/22Tu from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM229.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers09/27/2209/27/22Tu from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM59.00
Driver’s Education10/17/2210/20/22M, Tu, W and Th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM350.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers10/25/2210/25/22Tu from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM59.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers10/26/2210/26/22W from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM59.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers10/27/2210/27/22Th from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM59.00
Heartsaver CPR & First Aid11/08/2211/08/22Tu from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM89.00
Thrive Financially in Retirement11/03/2211/10/22Th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM29.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers11/15/2211/15/22Tu from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM59.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers11/16/2211/16/22W from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM59.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers11/29/2211/29/22Tu from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM59.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers12/05/2212/05/22M from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM59.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers12/06/2212/06/22Tu from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM59.00
Forklift Safety Training12/06/2212/06/22Tu from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM129.00
BLS for Healthcare Providers12/13/2212/13/22Tu from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM59.00
Driver’s Education

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