trenchless sewer repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair Service

Trenchless sewer repair or pipe rehabilitation can be referred to as a modern way of removing old pipes and installing new ones.

Trenchless sewer repair has replaced the traditional sewer dig up and replace method which has proven less effective in recent times as it makes lawns and the environment messy and damages lawns and other vegetation.


Trenchless sewer repair or pipe rehabilitation does not involve destroying your yard or digging trenches. Rather than digging trenches, experts make use of sewer holes to reline or repair a sewer line by utilizing cutting edge equipment. They will dig 2 small access holes if access holes are not readily accessible.

These access holes will be useful the next time you need this service.

Although trenchless sewer line repair technique includes use of advanced equipment that ought to make it less expensive than traditional method, it is really not expensive than the latter.

Why?  This is because when you consider the expenses involved in repairing sewer lines, digging trenches, and reforming ground you will see that the method used in trenchless repair does not involve the reforming and digging part.

This clearly implies that it couldn’t be as expensive as you may think. Also, when you consider the other benefits it has, you will see why most mortgage lenders now prefer this method.


It is called trenchless sewer repair or dig repair method or pipe rehabilitation because it does not involve destroying your yard and digging trenches. It is used to reline or repair a sewer line.


Traditional sewer repair majorly involves the digging of trenches, which can cause a ruined lawn or driveway and also to an ugly trench in your front yard.

Gratefully, today there is another option to the messy sewer repair process, which is to go trenchless.

One major problem for some homeowners is the sewer problems since it gets really messy when a sewerage line blasts and even messier when the repair man dig around your yard to fix that problem. Be that as it may, those were the stories of the past as these days; most homeowners prefer to go for the trenchless sewer line repair method.


1. Hydraulic Pumps
2. Resin
3. Video Camera
4. Water Jetting Equipment
5. Water Line Slitters


Water Transportation Efficiency

Trenchless sewer line replacement is more effective than its traditional method when it comes to water transportation. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t require one to connect piping joints with the lines, which are prone to water bursts and water leaks.

Rather, one continuous sewer line is used to substitute the former ones. The continuous pipe line is likewise more sturdy and durable against tree roots and other underground invaders. This decreases the requirement and cost for repairs later on, which can be effective for a long term.

Cost Effectiveness of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless sewer line replacement is less expensive than the traditional obtrusive method. Actually, it can cost up to about 50% more.

However, with the traditional technique for septic pipes substitution, property owners face extra costs, including patio rebuilding, driveway demolition and replacement, time spent rebuilding landscaping, landscaping repairs and many more depending on the area where the lines were replaced on their property.

These cost sums up and also bring about a wasteful amount of pointless work and exertion that could have avoided with trenchless plumbing replacement.

Proficiency Of Installation

The traditional replacing method requires a lot of labor, resources, time and machinery. In the case of trenchless sewer line replacement, the procedure does not require loads of labor, excessive equipment, invasive excavation, and extended time.

The trenchless technique minimizes the need for all of these, making it more effective and efficient. Trenchless septic pipes replacement also minimizes the need for clean up and landscaping renovations after its completion.

Other trenchless sewer repair benefits may include:

Traditional methods require you to disable electricity, gas and other underground pipelines but trenchless sewer line repair method does not require any of that. This implies you can do your work, while the experts do theirs. No interference at all.

In trenchless methods, special materials are used to make new pipes. This makes new pipelines durable and stronger. This means that you won’t need to solve this same problem for a long time.

Whenever homeowners are not certain of the cause of a pipe line problem, the trenchless expert makes use of sewer camera inspection to find the cause of the problem. This gives the experts chance to discover and fix the problem without doing any digging at all.

Alternatives To Going This Route

The only alternative way is to go back to the traditional sewer repair which is really messy.

Costs to Repair a Sewer Line

The traditional sewer repair requires a deep, long trench to remove the old pipes and install new ones. This method may cost $50 – $250 per foot, (or even more) depending on depth and length of the existing pipes.

For example, to replace a sewer line from the connection between the house and the public sewer system may cost $3, 000 – $6, 000. For complex projects though, it may cost $7,000 – $25, 000 (or even more).

Alternatively, trenchless sewer replacement utilizes minimal digging therefore; installing a new pipe would warrant experts to break and push out old pipes with machines while also installing a new pipe in the process.

Be ready to pay about $55 – $200 per foot or $3, 800 – $20, 000 for an average household sewer line depending on the length, depth, and type of the existing pipe.

These figures may differ from companies to companies as different companies may have various price list.

How Long Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Take?

The duration depends on the expertise to the company or contractor working on it.

One good advice for you is to seek out an expert in any case. This is because both the trenchless and traditional line replacement or rehabilitation options require specific skill and knowledge.

Failure to do such can bring about double expenses, as the second plumbing company will tidy up the wreckage made by the first company before rehabilitation or replacement can start.

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