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Gas Line Repair – Inspection and Leak Detection

Gas line repair comes with territory of the having so many households be dependent on natural gas to operate key systems in their home such as water heaters, furnaces and gas stoves. The use of natural gas is reliable and common to everyday living.

With that thought in mind, there are times that professional repair services and inspection are in demand.

Whatever range of the problems in the gas pipes, a gas line repair service company should be able to be of assistance to the household.

Gas Line Repair

Gas leaks usually occur when there are small cracks in the gas lines, or when the gas lines themselves are old and weakened and are in need to be replaced. A gas line that is leaking all throughout the household is required to immediate repair service.

A gas line repair service assists in the repair of the damaged gas line, and in the prevention of gas leaks. When the busted gas line is small and diagnosed for an easy fix, the repair involves the use of small patches or welds that can stop the gas leak.

The repair for the small ruptured gas line can be the replacement of the whole gas line to prevent any more gas leaks.

The gas line repair also maintains the quality and the stability of the gas line so that gas leaks can be prevented.

The main mission of the gas line repair is to mend the problem among the gas pipes exhaustively and efficiently and to guarantee the safety of everyone in the household.

Gas Line Leak Detection

A natural gas plumber can be called off by a household to perform an inspection of the gas lines to check if there are any gas leaks in the home. The smell of a gas leak is comparable to the smell of unpleasant rotten eggs.

The plumber should be observant and vigilant enough to detect any gas leaks inside the household. An indication of a gas leak can be observed after the rain when bubbles surface above the gas pipes.

Example of gas leak detection video


Gas Line Leaks

A gas leak is a serious threat and a dangerous situation for everyone because death can happen in an instant. It is a potential hazard that should be treated immediately, without any procrastination.

Gas leaks are quite rare to happen in any household, and the following causes should be on the lookout: If the gas pipes are not properly installed, the pressure of the gas may cause too much force on the pipes, causing them to break and to be ruptured.

If a gas pipe has been treated with a thread sealant before and it has been dried out, then gas will leak through the same area.If there is water present that has been constantly dripping down on the pipes, then the pipes will likely corrode, making them weak and vulnerable to leaks.

If ever a gas leak has occurred in a household, the following advises should be heeded to avoid further accidents:Avoid smoking or using open flames.Avoid turning on the gas stoves or electric stoves.

Turn off all gas valves in the household.Avoid using mobile phones within the vicinity of the gas leak because mobile phone tends to heat up that can lead to a spark.

Shut down all electrical appliances to avoid any sparks from the socket.

Go out of the household safely and call emergency hotline or the gas line repair services.

Gas Line Repair Cost

A gas line repair can be quite expensive depending on the suggestion of the plumber. According to, the average cost for gas pipe repair is $481. The minimum cost is amounted to $125, while the maximum expense is $1,200.

Most households have spent the amount between $260 to $732. The cost of the repair depends on the extent of the damage, which contributes to the cost of labor and the cost of the pipe that is going to use.

As for the latter, the type of pipe still depends on the current gas line that is present in the household, whether the gas line is suitable for natural gas or for propane.

The size and type of the pipelines are also considered for the cost. Another factor that contributes to the cost of the repair is the decision whether the gas line should be extended or should be replaced as a whole.

The judgment to determine the most eligible action is up to the professional plumber. Moreover, the cost of labor is different among the gas line repair service companies.

Some plumbers opt for high-end hourly rates, while others prefer task-based rate, no matter how long the job takes.

Before deciding on a gas line repair service, it is recommended to do research and to ask for a reference for more options in order to avoid expenditure on the wrong decision and to come up with the best pick.

Danger of Gas Leak

The by-product of utilizing natural gas is carbon monoxide, which is a very toxic gas when inhaled in large amounts. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is difficult to detect with anyone’s eyes and noses.

An exposure to carbon monoxide leads to flu-like symptoms, headaches, and dizziness. Emergency hotlines should be contacted immediately when someone is suffering from these symptoms because anyone who has encountered such symptoms and has inhaled carbon monoxide, then that person is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Plumber’s Job

A natural gas plumber specializes in the installation and repair of the gas line. The plumber should be an experienced professional or should be expert enough in handling the gas line repairs effectively, otherwise an unlikely accident may happen with a single mistake.

A plumber in gas line repair services should possess a master plumbing license, which signifies an advanced degree of qualifications, experience, and knowledge concerning to the plumbing profession.

All gas line repair services must have licensed master plumbers, who have passed the licensing exam and paid the license fee. A plumber’s job is no easy occupation, especially when dealing with gas line pipes.


The safety of everyone in the household should be the top priorities of gas line repair services, especially to the trained plumbers.

Plumbers are responsible for the stability of the gas lines, and they should be aware that everyone entrusts them of such tasks.

Detecting the gas line pipes is no easy job, that is why it should be treated professionally.

Without proper care of the gas pipelines, problems can arise due to corrosion and leakage, that is why proper maintenance of the gas lines is important by conducting a periodical inspection and detection in order to identify the current standings of the gas pipes.

Regular checkups on the gas line should be enforced to avoid any accidents, and gas leak prevention is easier than repairing gas pipes.

It is also important for all households to know their local gas line repair and inspection services.

If you’re scouting for a gas line repair service company, ensure that they have a code compliance in checking if the existing installation is still in working condition, so that you can guarantee of their professionalism and reliance.

For additional information visit the International Association of Home Inspectors.

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