Welding Schools, Classes, Courses and Welder Training in Ohio

If you’re just starting the thought process of becoming a welder or are further along, these Ohio training classes and courses are worth checking out.


Welding School in Troy, Ohio

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology 

1-800-322-9448, 937-332-9500

400 Trade Square E

Troy OH 45373

There are two welding programs offered by this institute:

Pathway Welding Program: It is a 40-week program where interested students can practically learn and improve their knowledge on position welding on plate. This also include additional training which aligns with a chosen career pathway.

Structural Welding Program: This program lasts for 24 weeks, focusing on major welding processes on position welding on plate, in addition to teachings on safety and technical guidelines.

After the successful completion of either of these programs and all requirements met, students can test for, and receive these certificationsː

· Shielded Metal Arc Welding

· Flux Cored Arc Welding

· Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 304 Stainless Steel

· Gas Metal Arc Welding Pulsed Spray Transfer


Welding School in Elyria, Ohio

Lorain County Community College 


1005 N Abbe Road

Elyria, OH 44035

This college offers both short and long term welding programs to interested studentsː

Certificates of Completion

Welding Technology and AWS – 3F Certification Preparation

Welding Technology – Gas Metal Arc Welding

Short Term Certificates; A one semester program.

Welding Technology Certificates

Basic Welding

Welding Visual Inspection

Advanced Welding

One Year Certificate

Welding Operator

Associate Degrees

Welding Technology Degree

The successful completion of any of these programs qualifies students to take some welding certification tests.


Welding School in Cincinnati, South Point, Ohio

Elite Welding Academy 


9740 Near Drive

Cincinnati, Ohio 45246.



1910 County Road 1

South Point, OH 45680.

 This welding institute has two campuses in Ohio and another in Texas. These two programs are offered by this institution;

Structural and Pipe Welding Program

Manufacturing Welding/SP Program Description

Welding School in Euclid, Ohio


Lincoln Electric Welding Technology & Training Center
+1 216-481-8100

22800 St Clair Ave.

Euclid, OH 44117

 An intensive welding program is offered by this technical training center. Their programs include:

Comprehensive Program; This is a 16 and 20-week program covering the major welding processes. Some of the courses to be completed in this program areː

Arc Welding Safety

Print Reading

Basic Plate and Sheet Metal

Basic and Advanced Pipe, etc.

Welding Educator Skill Advancement Program; This is primarily for welding instructors only. They are eligible for a 70% discount on all welding courses, where they learn practical welding and teaching skills, including teaching techniques.


Welding School in Centerburg, Ohio

Lew Kinney & Associates, LLC


184 SR 314

Centerburg, Ohio 43011

This organization has over 55 years of experience and counting in industrial and auto body welding. Their training is guaranteed to teach you how to make quality, safe welds all the time. Their programs include;

Structural Code – Steel

Structural Code – Aluminum

Sheet Steel

Stainless Steel or ASME Pipe

They also have memberships and certifications which students can apply for: American Welding Society, ASA, ATMC, ASE, etc.


Welding School in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus State Community College 

(614) 287-5353

550 East Spring St.

Columbus, OH 43215

You can receive a college certificate in welding from the Columbus State Community College. It is a session-long degree made of 8 courses. Four courses are taken in each halve of the semester. The theoretical aspect of welding will not be lost on you. At the same time, you learn to have a practical knowledge of welding which can be employed in a related field.


Welding School in Cleveland, Ohio



1374 E 51st Street

Cleveland, OH 44103

Ohio Technical College offers a 12-month hands-on Welding and Fabrication Technology Program. The completion of this course will make you a professional welding technician. The program covers some of these theoretical and practical areas:

Welding Technology and History

Pipe Welding

Flux Core Arc Welding

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, etc.


Welding School in Marietta, Ohio

The Career Center Adult Technical Training Welding 

740-373-6283, 1-800-648-3695

21740 State Rt. 676

Marietta, OH 45750

 There is a welding training offered by this training center, which also includes certification during the course of the training. The complete course content won’t be highlighted here, but some are:

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)

Oxyacetylene Cutting

Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)

Structural Welds, etc.

This program helps students to be ready for a career in the industrial welding niche.


Welding School in Uniontown, Ohio



4401 Shriver Rd

Uniontown, Ohio 44685

 There is a welding school in Portage Lakes Career Center for those interested. The welding program runs for ten months, which after completion you are eligible for the American Welding Society’s (AWS) D1.1 Structural Welding Code Steel certification, OSHA 10 certification, in addition to Welder Qualification sheets. You can break into the high demand manufacturing, and construction industries with your welding certificate.


Welding School in Plain City, Ohio

Tolles Career and Technical Center 


7877 US-42

Plain City, OH 43064

 A welding program is offered under the Adult ed. Section of this technical center. It is available to all who is willing to go on the welding journey. Taking this course, you will learn the basic techniques of shielded metal arc welding, MIG & TIG. This program provides a practical, first-hand experience, which include burning and cutting techniques from an AWS certified welder. The courses are divided into two:

Basic Welding

Advanced Welding

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