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How to become a plumber in the state of Mississippi

In the state of Mississippi, all contractors performing construction on new residential projects over $50,000 or residential remodeling over $10,000 require a license that is issued by the Mississippi State Board of Contractors (MSBOC). All contractors working on commercial jobs that are over $50,000 also need a commercial license.

Plumbing License Qualifications in the State of Mississippi

In order to qualify to apply for a plumbing license in the state of Mississippi, there are a few pre-requisites that you need. Proof of these prerequisites will need to be submitted with your application (this process is covered later in this article).

In order to qualify for an application, you must provide a Mississippi Income Tax ID, Federal Tax ID, or a Social Security Number. You must also have a certificate of general liability insurance which shows that you hold a current general liability insurance policy. You will also need to show proof of workers’ compensation coverage if you plan to have five or more employees working under you.

You will also need three reference letters, the first of which is from the bank and the other two from individuals with which you have worked on plumbing projects.

You will need experience working as a plumber to qualify for a license as well. You will need to show proof of at least three jobs completed as a plumber in the classification (commercial or residential, new or remodeling) of work being applied for.

Obtaining a Plumbing License In the State of Mississippi

The first step in obtaining your plumbing license in Mississippi is to gather all the required documents and information that you need for your application. You will need to submit the following information along with your application for licensure:

  • Mississippi Income Tax I.D. OR Federal Tax I.D. OR Social Security Number
  • A certificate of general liability insurance coverage that is showing an up to date policy
    • The name on this certificate must match the name on the application
  • If you plan to employ five or more people, you will also need to provide a certificate of insurance showing workers’ compensation coverage
  • Three reference letters
    • One from the bank
    • The other two must come from individuals with which you worked on plumbing jobs
  • Proof of work experience as a plumber.
    • You must list three different jobs in the same class of work as the license you’re applying for
      • Residential Remodeling
      • Residential New
      • Commercial Remodeling
      • Commercial New
    • Acceptable forms of proof are
      • Check stub
      • W2
      • Owner/Officer listed with the Mississippi Secretary of State

The application must also be notarized before being submitted. Once you have signed the application with a notary, you can submit it along with the fee or fees. The cost is $50 for an application with a single classification, but you will need an additional $100 for each additional classification requested in the application.

Once your application has been accepted (generally a 10-day process), you will be able to sit for your exam. If you have a license from a state board recognized in an agreement with Mississippi, you will only need to take the Law and Business Management exam (you will also need to pay $50 for each exam waived). However, if you don’t already hold a license you will need to take bo the Law and Business Management exam as well as the plumbing trade exam. The topics that are covered in the plumbing trade exam include:

  • Safety
  • General plumbing regulations
  • Cleanouts
  • Fixtures and equipment
  • Water heaters
  • Piping
  • Valves
  • Controls
  • Water supply
  • Hangers and supports
  • Drain
  • Waste and vents
  • Backflow
  • Traps and interceptors
  • Develop length
  • Isometric analysis
  • Joints and connections


You will be unable to register for the exam until the MSBOC has approved your application.

Once you pass your exams you will be granted your contractor plumbing license. Your license will be valid for a year before you need to renew. It is your responsibility to keep the license up to date.


Mississippi has reciprocity with a few states. Reciprocity means that if you hold a license issued by the states for which an agreement is in place, you don’t need to go through the testing procedure in order to obtain a license for Mississippi. The state boards for which Mississippi has a reciprocity agreement are as follows:

  • Alabama General Contractors Board
  • Alabama Electrical Board
  • Alabama Board of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors
  • Arkansas Contractor Licensing Board
  • Georgia Board of Residential and General Contractors
  • Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors
  • North Carolina Electrical Contractors Board
  • South Carolina Board for Licensing Contractors
  • Tennessee Board for Licensing General Contractors

Reciprocity in Mississippi only covers testing for the specific trade of the license required – if you hold a license from one of the aforementioned states you will still need to apply for a license issued by MSBOC. You will also need to take the Mississippi Law and Business Management exam regardless.

Helpful Links

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Exam Prep

There are a few companies that offer prep courses for PSI exams. Here are some of the places you can find assistance in preparing to take the exams:

  • American Contractors
    • Phone: 1-800-992-1910
  • Mississippi Contractor Licensing Service
    • Phone: 1-800-432-9930
  • Builders License Training Institute
    • Phone: 1-800-727-7104
  • MyContractorsLicense
    • Phone: 1-877-699-0775
  • Contractors Institute
    • Phone: 1-804-556-5518

Plumbing Schools and Programs

Trade schools are a great way to get the training and work experience that you need before you apply for your plumbing license. A few plumbing schools in Mississippi are:


Hinds Community College
505 E. Main Street, Raymond, MS 39154
Phone : (601) 857-5261


Meridian Community College
910 Hwy 19N, Meridian, MS 39307
Phone : (601) 483-8241


Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
PO Box 100, Gautier, MS 39553
Phone : (228) 497-7699



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