Electrician Training Schools and Courses in Indiana

The electrical trade has developed into one of the most lucrative and secure professions in the United States. Electricians are in high demand and required in all areas of the economy as everything runs on electricity.  The State’s Department of Economic Opportunity projects a 32.2% influx of electricians in Indiana and the rest of the country. Therefore, it’ll be vital to take the opportunity and learn to become a licensed or top electrician.

The following ten programs can be instrumental in helping you enter the field or expand your knowledge and resources if you are already working as an electrician or apprentice.

1. Purdue University, Main Campus 

Purdue University in Indiana is the best institution you can consider for your electrical training courses. The institution offers different electrical courses, including electrical degrees. Every year more than 500 students graduate with various electrical courses that are certified and accredited. Purdue University is the appropriate location to launch your electrical engineering career. The institute boasts of top and experienced electrical experts in different parts of the country.

Address: West Lafayette, IN 47907-2040

Website: https://www.purdue.edu/ 

Phone number: 7654944600

2. University of Notre Dame 

The University of Notre Dame offers the best electrical courses in Indiana. It’s a private non-profit institution in the suburb of Notre Dame, with many students taking electrical courses. Before registering at the school, you’ll need to register with the Indiana Ministry of Education and Labor. The university produces a large number of electrical engineering experts annually for the job market. With their numerous resources and quality tutors, you’re sure of a quality certificate or degree in electrical engineering. 

Address: Notre Dame, IN 46556

Website: https://www.nd.edu/ 

Phone number: 5746315000

3. Rose – Hulman Institute of Technology 

It’s the best option if you’re looking to gain expertise and become a top electrical expert. You can find the school in the city of Terre Haute. Hulman Institute of Technology has a small population of students taking electrical courses providing the appropriate first-hand experience in the electric courses. Every year the institute releases over 50 qualified electrical experts to the job market after attaining their electrical engineering degrees. Currently, most graduates from the institute earn more than $4,420 from the different electrical tasks.

Address: Terre Haute, IN 47803-3920

Website: https://www.rose-hulman.edu/ 

Phone number: 8128771511

4. Florida Electrical Apprenticeship and Training 

The Florida electrical apprenticeship and training is the right school you can choose for your electrical training. The school provides students with the best and most well-rounded skills essential to succeeding in the electrical field. Before starting the course at the school, you have to register with the Department of Education and Labour, Indiana.

Address: P.O Box 5929949, Orlando, FL 32859-2949

Website: http://featschool.org/

Phone number: 407-438-3328

5. Valparaiso Institute

Valparaiso University in Valpo is the best location you can choose for learning your different electrical courses, including degrees. The institutes admit students from all over the world but after satisfying the Indiana ministry of education terms. After registering at the university, you can choose the electrical programs or courses you want to take, depending on the fees, duration, and spaces available.

Address: Valparaiso, IN 46383

Website: https://www.valpo.edu/ 

Phone number: 2194645000

6. Indiana University – Indianapolis

It’s a large public university in Indianapolis offering the best electrical programs. The institution is in Indianapolis, offering easy access to students from any location to learn at the school. The council and ministry approve and accredit their degree in electrical engineering, making it a reputable school for learning your electrical course. The school has flexible learning duration and time you can consider for your learning needs.

Address: Indianapolis, IN 46202-5143

Website: https://www.iupui.edu/ 

Phone number: 3172745555

7. Gainesville FL Area Electrician School and Courses

This Gainesville Institute specializes in providing various certificate electrical courses in the United States, including Indiana. Many students enroll in the electrical construction apprenticeship certificate program to get multiple electrical skills. The institution stands out for producing electricians with the necessary experience and skills in different electrical services. By joining the institute, you’re sure of becoming a top electrical expert in Indiana and the rest of the United States.

Address: 3000 NW 83rd Street

Website: https://www.billwellscorpgainesville.com/

Phone number: 352-449-3563

8. Electrical Engineering at Indiana Institute of Technology

Studying your electrical course at the Indian Institute of technology is the best feeling ever. The institution offers the appropriate packages for your electrical courses. The institute has a flexible learning schedule for the different electric courses. It’s the undisputed top electrical institution in Indiana that produces high-quality and experienced electrical experts in Indiana and the rest of the United States. The Indiana institute of technology is the best place to kickstart your electrical engineering career.

Address: 1600 E Washington Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46803-1228

Website: http://www.indianatech.edu/ 

Phone number: 800-937-2448 

9. Trine University 

Experts rank Trine University among the top 10 best institutes where you can develop into top electrical experts. This institute has many students graduating with top electrical engineering courses and skills. The councils and ministry of education accredit all the electrical courses the school offers different aspiring electrical students. Apart from the coursework the tutors offer at the school; you’ll have a lot of first-hand experience in the different electrical aspects to enhance your expertise. 

Address: 1 University Ave, Angola, IN 46703-1764

Website: http://www.trine.edu/ 

Phone number: 260-665-4100

10. University of Southern Indiana 

The University of Southern Indiana is the best option for the best institute for learning electrical engineering or skills. The university offers various electrical courses starting from certificates to degree courses. You can get the appropriate council and ministry of education accredited electrical courses at this institute. It offers flexible payment terms for the learning duration and offers high-quality education and practice. Choosing to learn at the Southern Indiana university guarantees top quality and experience in the different electrical fields.

Address: 8600 University Blvd, Evansville, IN 47712

Website: http://www.usi.edu/ 

Phone number: 812-464-8600


With electrical being one of the most lucrative fields, many individuals want to study the courses at different institutions. When choosing the best institute for your learning needs, it’s necessary to consider its reputation, course credibility, learning duration, and resources. The above are the top institutions or schools you can choose for your electrical course needs. 

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