How to Become a Licensed Electrician in Wyoming

Electricians in Wyoming enjoy a salary that is 30% higher than the national average. To achieve this generous pay and enjoy plenty to do in the state, you will first need to become a licensed electrician in WY. 

This article will break down the six types of electrician licenses in Wyoming, their requirements, how to get them, and what each job entails. 

Do You Need an Electrician’s License in Wyoming?

Wyoming requires electrical installations to be done by a licensed electrician or registered apprentice electrician under the correct supervision. Some exceptions to this requirement include those who are working on their own property that is not up for immediate resale, among others.

Types of Licenses for Electricians in Wyoming

Wyoming offers registration for apprentices and four licenses for practicing electricians. 

  • Apprentice Electrician License: This license is for those who are completing or have completed a training program. Apprentice electricians are employed by electrical contractors but supervised by a licensed electrician (journeyman or master).
  • Apprentice Technician License: This license is the same as the Apprentice Electrician License, except that it\’s for someone training to become a low-voltage or limited technician. They are employed by an electrical contractor, low voltage contractor, or limited technician.
  • Low-voltage Limited Technician License: This license is for electricians who install and supervise electrical installations of low voltage electricity.
  • Limited Technician License: This license is similar to the low-voltage license, except that these technicians supervise electrical installations according to the limitations provided by the National Electrical Code and the county/state.
  • Journeyman Electrician License: This license is for those who have the experience and knowledge to install and supervise electrical installations for any purpose according to the NEC.
  • Master Electrician License: These electricians can plan, lay out, and supervise the installation of electrical equipment according to the NEC and state/county codes.

Wyoming also offers electrical contractor licenses, with more information found at the bottom of this page.

Wyoming Apprentice Licenses

You can receive your apprentice license if you are part of an apprenticeship that is approved by The Office of Apprenticeship, United States Department of Labor (DOP), or its equivalent. You must begin the application process within 10 days of starting your employment. 

You can apply for this license online and pay a $20 application fee via Visa or Mastercard. After creating your online account, you’ll need to present a government-issued ID. Once this is verified, you can complete your application. 

You will need to present transcripts as well as an On The Job Training (OJT) letter on company letterhead breaking down the hours and electrician jobs you have worked. If you have any OJT from out-of-state, you can only include this on your initial application. 

Apprentice licenses are given out per years worked. For example, the Apprentice Year 1 License is for 0-1999 hours of electrical work experience and 0-143 hours of electrical school with 100% supervision. The Apprentice Year 2 License is for 2000-3999 hours of electrical work experience and 144-287 hours of schooling with 100% supervision, and so on. More information about the apprentice license levels can be found under the “New Apprentice Electrician” tab here.

Apprentice Technician Licenses in Wyoming

Apprentice Technician Licenses have the same requirements and application process as apprentice electricians above. They can be involved in any training program that is approved by the DOP. 

WY Low-Voltage Electrician Licenses

Low-voltage electricians need at least 2 years, or 4,000 hours, of experience working with low-voltage electrical installations. They should be able to install and supervise installations independently according to the NEC. 

Once you’ve gathered this experience, you can apply for examination online. The fee is $100. 

You will need to verify your experience via notarized letters from your current or past employers, local unions, or other licensing boards. 

There are 7 subcategories of low-voltage licenses, all of which must be done under 90 volts:

  • LV-G – general work 
  • LV-A – alarm system work 
  • LV-C – communication systems work 
  • LV-S – sound system work 
  • LV-T – television and satellite system work
  • LV-X – control systems work
  • LV-LS – lawn sprinkler system work

After being approved, you’ll receive instructions on how to sit for the exam. You’ll need to pass the exam to receive your license. 

WY Limited Technician Electrician Licenses

Limited technician electricians need at least 2 years, or 4,000 hours, of experience working with limited electrical installations. They should be able to install and supervise installations independently according to the NEC. 

These technicians must verify their experience when they apply for examination online in the same way as low-voltage electricians. Once approved, they will sit for the exam and receive their license after passing.

There are 5 subcategories of low-voltage licenses available in Wyoming. All of them require 4,000 hours of experience except LM-L licenses, which only require 1,000.

  • LM-E – elevator systems
  • LM-S – electric signs
  • LM-W – water well and irrigation systems
  • LM-L – maintaining light fixtures
  • LM-H – heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems

Journeyman Electrician Licenses in WY

To sit for the journeyman exam, you’ll need at least 8,000 hours, or 4 years, of experience plus at least 144 hours per year (or 576 over a 4-year apprenticeship) of classroom instruction. The work experience should be made up of residential, commercial, and industrial experience, with no more than 75% being attributed to one category. Up to 2 years of credit can be given for electrical study from an accredited school. 

You must document your work experience through notarized letters from employers, as well as submit transcripts to prove your educational experience.

The application is done online and the licensing fee is $100. Once approved, you may sit for the exam.

Master Electrician Licenses in WY

Master electricians need 8 years of 16,000 hours of work experience, of which 4,000 hours must be as a licensed journeyman and 576 hours must be from formal education. Work experience should be verified and transcripts must be provided. 

These licenses cost $200 and are applied for online. Once approved, you may sit for the exam.

Renewing Your Wyoming Electrician License

Apprentice and apprentice technicians can renew their license annually for $20. They must submit their hours worked when renewing. 

Low-voltage and limiting licenses are valid for 3 years. They renew on July 1st of the third year. The renewal cost is $50 and can be paid through your online account.

Journeyman electricians must renew their license by January 1st every three years for $50. You need 16 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits before renewal.

Master electricians can renew online every 3 years for $100. You must have 16 CE hours to renew.


For more information on reciprocal journeyman and master licenses, see the “Reciprocal Licenses” tab. 

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