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Get a Plumbing License in Wisconsin

Starting your plumbing career in Wisconsin is easy and simple as obtaining your plumbing license.  There are several paths to getting your license including trade school, apprenticeship, and independent study the plumbing laws and codes.   If you are looking to get your Wisconsin plumbing license here’s how you go about it.

Who regulates the plumbing industry in Wisconsin?

The Department of Safety and Professional Services regulates the plumbers in Wisconsin.

How do I obtain the Wisconsin plumbing license?

Obtaining your Wisconsin plumbing license has a few simple steps. After you complete your education, you can apply for a journeyman plumber license by taking the exam. If you pass this exam and become a journeyman plumber, you will then qualify to apply for a master plumber license by taking another exam.

Your education is the most essential part of the process as you need to have a background in joining or completing plumbing programs before you can get a license. Some of the schools include Fox Valley Technical College, Moraine Park Technical College, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, and Western Technical College.

As a side note, you can still get a plumbing license even if you have a criminal record. This doesn’t really affect your application as long as you give full disclosure of the matter.  Review the application for up to date specifics on this.

Where can I see the details of the process of obtaining the license?

You can see the details of the process of obtaining the license on the website of the Department of Safety and Professional Services at https://dsps.wi.gov/Pages/Professions/JourneymanPlumber/Default.aspx.

Where can I obtain a Wisconsin plumbing license application?

The application form can also be downloaded here https://dsps.wi.gov/Pages/Professions/JourneymanPlumber/Default.aspx

What are the different kinds of licenses in Wisconsin?

There are basically two kinds of plumbing licenses in Wisconsin: a journeyman plumber license and a master plumber license. Before you can get these two, you need to undergo apprenticeship first and be at least 18 years of age.

The journeyman plumber license can be obtained after 5 years of apprenticeship while the master plumber license can be obtained after you gain a couple of years of experience as a journeyman plumber.

How long should I wait to complete the process?

The application process is brief day but you have to give time for your exam prep will take you as long as it takes, for you to get comfortable with material.  The apprenticeship takes about 5 years while the exam and preparation could take about a year or so.

Am I required to take an exam?

Yes, you are required to take an exam to obtain both licenses. The exam for the journeyman plumber license consists of two parts with a 3-hour limit each. The first part has 87 questions while the second part has 120 questions. Meanwhile, the master plumber license exam has two parts that can take approximately 4 hours to complete. The first section has 110 questions while the second has 132 questions.

What about study courses? How much are they?

Study courses are usually short programs offered by technical colleges in Wisconsin. There are specific programs designed for those who are planning to take the plumbing license exam. If you take a program from a college, you spend not more than $4,000 per year.  You can also find practice exams by searching Google.

How much is the plumbing license fee?

The licensing fee is around $180, not including the fees for application and exams.

Is the license renewable? How much?

Yes, plumbing licenses in the state are renewable. The state will send you a notification 4 to 6 weeks before the actual expiration date of your license. You will spend around $40 if you renew before it expires. An additional fee of $25 is required when you renew your licenses late.

Is the exam difficult?

The exam only covers general knowledge about plumbing. If you study before the exam, you won’t find the exam difficult.

How can I verify a valid plumbing license in Wisconsin?

To verify a plumbing license visit the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services at this page.


What courses can I take or what schools can I attend to train as a plumber in Wisconsin?

There are various trade schools and plumbing union options for you to look at.  Here’s a few:

Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin (ABC Wisconsin) offers an apprenticeship program  that is 3 to 5 years in duration.  Visit their site for more information.

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College offers a plumbing apprenticeship.

NorthEast Wisconsin Technical College offers a plumbing apprentice program.  Details can be found here.

Plumbers Union Local 75 offers plumbing apprenticeship programs.  Visit the programs page here.

Fox Valley Technical College offers a plumbing apprentice program.  Visit the college program here.

UA Local 434 offers plumbing apprenticeship programs.  Visit the this page for more information.

Madison College offers a plumbing apprenticeship program.  Visit the college program page here.

Waukesha County Technical College offers a plumbing apprentice program.  Visit the site here for more information.

Wisconsin Contractors Institute offers plumbing courses.  Visit the site here.

Milwaukee Area Technical College offers a preparatory plumbing course that prepares students for a plumbing apprenticeship.  More information can be found here.

UA 400 apprenticeship and plumber traning programs.  Visit UA 400 for more information.



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