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How to get a plumbing license in Maine

For aspiring licensed plumbers looking for a guide on how to get their plumbing license in Maine, here’s a quick overview of the process.

What state department regulates Maine plumbers?

The Professional and Financial Regulation regulates plumbers in Maine.

How do you get a plumber’s license?

The first step in getting your plumber’s license is obtaining a trainee license. In Maine, you have to secure a position with a master plumber. Typically, a master plumber can only have 3 trainees at a time. After that, you can already apply for the license.

The trainee period allows you to undergo at least 4,000 hours as an on-the-job trainee wherein you will learn the fundamentals of being a plumber.  You also have the option to start as a journeyman-in-training wherein you need to undergo 2,000 hours to move to the next level.

After you have completed the required hours as a trainee, you can qualify for a journeyman plumber license. You need to pass the exam with a score of at least 70% before you become licensed.

For the last level, you need to undergo at least 2,000 hours as a journeyman and 8,000 hours as a trainee so you can apply for a master plumber license. You also need to pass the exam at this point.

Where can I browse the details to obtain the license?

The Professional & Financial Regulation provides everything you need to know so that you can apply for a plumber’s license. Just go to for details.

Where can I get the license application form?

The state department regulating Maine plumbers allows an online application to take place. You can access the license application form in this site:

What are the kinds of plumbing licenses in Maine?

There are 4 kinds of plumbing licenses in Main: trainee plumber license, journeyman-in-training license, journeyman plumber license, and master plumber license. Each of them is different in levels.

How long does it take to complete the process?

The process of application is easy and it won’t take a day if you have completed the requirements already. You just have to contact the state department for the complete details.

Is there an exam to take?

Yes, getting a journeyman-in-training license or master plumber license requires you to take an exam with a passing score of 70% and above. Both exams cover regulations, basic plumbing skills, and the plumbing codes of Maine.

How much is the fee for the license?

The trainee license requires payment of $146 including the license fee, application fee, and background check. To get the journeyman license, you need to pay $246. There is an exam fee of $75 for the master plumber license.

Can I renew my license? For how much?

You need to renew your plumbing license in Main every two years. For a trainees, the renewal fee is $100 while for journeyman and master plumber, it is $200. The journeyman-in-training license is not renewable but it is valid for four years.

What is the level of difficulty of the exam?

The level of difficulty is average. Both exams have regulations, basic plumbing skills, and the plumbing codes of Maine. If you will study well before you take the test, there’s a higher chance that you will pass the test.


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