How do plumber’s charge?

Plumbers charge both by the hour as well as by the project.  In many cases an hourly charge may be accompanied by a “service call” fee.  This fee is for coming out to take a look at the issue.

Hourly rates vary widely across the US.  On the low end, you may have a plumber that charges $40 per hour plus a $70 service fee.  On the higher end, you may have a plumber charge $150 per hour with or without a service fee.  A master plumber is going to be on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, while a journeyman plumber is going to be on the lower cost side of the pricing range.

An unlicensed “handyman” might offer to work on a plumbing issue for even less.  But unless you know your handyman and his level of skill, you might just be saving a little now and paying more later to have the cheap fix, repaired by a more expensive pro later.

Your fee schedule must make sense for you as a professional and take into account what your particular market will bear.

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