In order to become a licensed plumber in Ohio, you must take and pass an exam mandated by the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board.

The application has the following requirements:

Here is a link to the exam application.

The application will be reviewed by the Board to determine eligibility to sit for the examination.

The board will notify you by mail of your ability to take the exam. You will need to take and pass a background check prior to taking the exam.

Once approved to take the exam, you will be provided with a Candidate Information Bulletin. The Bulletin will contain detailed instructions on how to schedule your exam.

Exams are computer based and an appointment must be made. There are sites throughout Ohio.

Individuals who take the examination will receive a notice advising them of their examination pass/fail status at the end of the exam. Those who pass both sections of the exam can receive a state license by sending a copy of the examination results, a $25 check made payable to “Treasurer, State of Ohio”, and proof of at least $500,000 contractor liability insurance “Certificate of Liability Insurance”.

Additional information can be found here.

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