How to Become a Licensed Electrician in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the safest states in America, offering a calm and secure place to work and live. Whether you’re coming from an electrical background or are curious about the field in MN, this article will help you dissect the Department of Labor and Industry’s outlines on electrical licensing in Minnesota.

Do You Need an Electrician’s License in Minnesota?

You may not need an electrical license to perform electrical work in Minnesota if:

  • You are a registered unlicensed electrician
  • You are supervised by a licensed journeyworker or master electrician or an employer who is authorized to perform said work
    • Both you and your supervising electrician must be employed by the same contractor/employer
    • A licensed electrician can supervise 2 or fewer unlicensed electricians at a time

In this case, electrical work is defined as laying out, installing, planning, altering, or fixing electrical wiring, equipment, or apparatus. 

If you do not meet the requirements above, you are required to hold an electrical license in the state. 

Electrical Licenses Offered in Minnesota 

Minnesota offers journeyworker, master, lineman, and maintenance electrician licenses, as well as power limited technician and satellite system installer licenses. 

  • Journeyworker electricians can perform and supervise any electrical work except for planning or laying out said work. 
  • Master electricians can perform and supervise any electrical work and are usually employed by a licensed contractor. They can also plan or lay out electrical work.
  • Lineman electricians set up and maintain power lines, permitting electricity to flow to homes and businesses.
  • Maintenance electricians properly maintain, repair, and replace defective electrical equipment, including light outlets and switches. They do not install new wiring, apparatus, or equipment. 
  • Power limited technicians install, alter, repair, plan, lay out, and supervise electrical work for technology circuits or systems.
  • Satellite system installers install, maintain, and repair satellite systems. 

You may also find information about licensing for elevator electricians in Subd. 8 and Subd.11, as well as the Class B installer license under Subd. 4.

MN Journeyworker License Requirements

The class A Journeyworker Electrical License requires:

  • At least 4 years of experience planning, laying out, supervising, wiring, installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical wiring, apparatus, and equipment. 
    • Only 3 months of this may be from line work
    • Only 6 months may be from elevator work
    • Only 6 months may be from process control circuits or systems
    • Only 1 year may be credited from completing a Board-approved 2-year electrical course post-high school

MN Master License Requirements

The Master License requires:

  • At least 60 months of electrical experience
    • Only 12 months can be attributed to planning
    • Only 12 months can be attributed to laying out
    • Only 12 months can be attributed to supervising others
    • At least 12 months should be attributed to wiring, with a maximum of 48 months
    • A maximum of 24 months can be attributed to maintaining and repairing
    • A maximum of 3 months can be attributed to line work
    • A maximum of 6 months can be attributed to installing elevators
    • A maximum of 6 months can be attributed to technology circuits or systems
    • A maximum of 12 months can be attributed to control circuits or systems

MN Lineman License Requirements

Lineman electricians will need:

  • At least 4 years of experience in completing electrical work for an electrical utility

MN Maintenance License Requirements

Maintenance electricians will need:

  • 4 years’ experience detailed here
    • One year of experience can be credited for completing a Board-approved 2-year electrical course post-high school

MN Power Limited Technician Requirements

Power limited technicians in MN must:

  • Be a graduate of a 4-year college or university electrical course OR
  • Have 3 years’ experience working with power limited systems that include up to 12 months (or 2,000 hours) of credit for completing a 2-year electrical course  

MN Satellite Systems Installer Requirements

Satellite system installers must:

  • Pass the National Standards and Testing Program by the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association of America, Inc. or another Board-approved program 
  • Pass an exam by the commissioner

Obtaining Your Minnesota Electrician License

To obtain the correct electrical license, you’ll need to first apply for examination. The application fee is $50 for all licenses. You’ll then attach the electrical work experience form or the power limited technician work experience form. If applicable, attach transcripts from the electrical programs you have completed. 

Once approved, you can sign up to take your exam. Learn more from this full guide with details on the exam. Satellite system installers may have taken the exam before applying.

MN Electrical License Reciprocity

MN has reciprocity agreements for Master and Journeyworker Licenses in other states. You must have held the license for at least one year and it must be in good standing. To apply for reciprocity, complete the application, pay the $50 examination fee, and meet all renewal requirements to maintain your license. 

There are Master License reciprocity agreements with:

  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Iowa

There are Journeyworker License reciprocity agreements with:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming

Renewing Your Minnesota License

There are different requirements for each electrical license renewal. 

Journeyworker licenses should be renewed every two years on the month you were first issued the license. There is a $48 renewal fee.

Master Licenses expire on odd-numbered years at the end of February. There is a $73 renewal fee.

Most other licenses also renew every two years. Maintenance, power limited technicians, and satellite installer renewals cost $43.00. Lineman renewals cost $38. See the application for late renewal fees. 

Journeyworker electricians, master electricians, maintenance electricians, and power limited technicians require 16 hours of completed education before renewal. Satellite installers require 4 hours, and linemen do not require educational credits. All education credits must be DLI-approved.

You can renew online or through the mail-in renewal form. 

Electrician Job Outlook Minnesota

Minnesota electricians are paid generously, with the average worker earning over $75,000 annually. The starting salary is slightly above $70,000, increasing to over $87,000 with a decade of experience. 

The Minnesota cities with the best employment rate and highest expectations for future job growth are Moorhead, Mankato, Edina, and Alexandria. 

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