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How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Indiana

In case you are thinking of working in Indiana, you have to understand that you cannot do a plumbing project without a license in the State of Indiana. The only exception to the rule is the apprentices, but they are required to work under a licensed plumber.

What Is The Education Required For Being A Plumber In Indiana?

  • High-school education

If you are thinking of becoming a licensed plumber, the first step you have to do is to complete your high school education. If not, you might not qualify to pursue the plumbing career. Some subjects you will need to pass are math and science, which will prepare you for an apprenticeship position.

  • Vocational training

Before you are licensed in the state of Indiana, you will require some college degrees. Note that the college you attend will affect the process of getting your license. It is paramount for you to choose one that is renowned for offering the best training. Some vital lessons you will need to cover are valves, piping, water supply, and drainage. Depending on the training facility you choose, the training might take six months to twelve months.

  • Apprenticeship program

The purpose of getting an apprenticeship program is that it will offer you comprehensive training that will lead to you to becoming a professional in the plumbing field. The apprenticeship program is a combination of theory and practice that will lead to you getting paid. You need to note that it might take up to five years for you to complete the apprenticeship.

  • Doing an exam

When you are done with the apprenticeship program, the next step, you will take an exam. The exam is divided into three arts, and how you perform will help determine if you will get a license. The first part is a written exam, and then the other parts are hands-on.

You should note that the written exam consists of 90 questions and will take 3 hours.

  • Isometric analysis- 10 questions
  • Fixtures- 10 questions
  • General requirement- 9 questions
  • Indiana business- 13 questions
  • Sanitary drainage 13 questions
  • Stormwater systems- 4 questions
  • Vents- 13 questions
  • Water heater- 5 questions
  • Water supply and distribution- 12 questions

Requirements of Becoming a Plumbing Contractor in Indiana

  • Age: 18years
  • Apprenticeship experience: at least four years
  • Experience: Be a licensed plumber in another state or work four years of plumbing experience
  • Payment: It should be made to the Indiana professional
  • Application: A complete Personal Background, Affirmative section
  • Submit: Original passport size photo

What are the charges for the contractor’s license?

  • Exam: $50
  • Odd year insurance: $50
  • Even your insurance: $100
  • Renewal fees: $50 (paid after every two years)
  • For temporary contractor license: $25

All the payments made need to be mailed to Prov, Inc. 200 Associated Drive, Suite 190 Charleston, WV 25311. The application cards that have been paid should be faxed to (877)228-3926. Accepted payment option

  • AMEX
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discovery aids
  • Cashier checks
  • Certified check
  • Money order

How Is The Plumber Licensing Exam Done?

For you to take the exam, you will need to ensure that you have booked your seat. The booking should be made at least one week before the exam to ensure you do not miss a seat.

What Happens If You Fail The Exam?

In case you do not pass the exam the first time, you can retake it. However, you will have to wait for about ten days before you can reapply for the exam. You can only retake the exam six times each two years. You will be required to fill the online retake examination application.

Journeyman Plumber License Requirement

Getting a journeyman license is similar to that of a contractor. The journeyman is a plumber that engages or chooses to engage in the plumbing projects as an occupational trade. You should note that the journeyman is never in charge of the project, but will need to work under a licensed contractor.

The requirement for a journeyman license

  • Should have worked a minimum of four years under the training of an apprenticeship
  • They should have a minimum of 6400 hours of plumbing experience
  • They should pass a written ICC
  • Exam: $25
  • Journeyman plumbers license: $15 or $30 (depending on whether it is an even or an odd year)

Requirement needed to work as an apprentice plumber

For you to work as an apprentice plumber, you will not need to have a license. However, it is paramount for you to be registered.

Look For a Work Position

When you have completed the training, exam and passed, you will be licensed, and that will allow you to start looking for employment. With a license, the chances of you getting a job are high. Besides, you will be competent to offer the clients with the services that they need.

Does Joining A Union Help?

You should note that joining unions in Indiana for plumbers can help you in your journey of becoming a plumber. Here are some things the union will do for you

  • Arrange an apprenticeship
  • Help you market a new business
  • Offer guidance on how you can pass the exam
  • Offer guidance on how you can get your Indiana plumber license

Does The Indiana Plumbing License Work In Other States?

No, the license will not be valid in other states.

Will The License Need To Be Renewed?

Yes, you will need to have the license renewed. However, you will get a 90-day notification from your Indiana State before your license expires. It is possible to renew your license online.


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