Plumbing Courses and Training Classes in Georgia

Aspiring and seasoned plumbers must take courses to start and continue their education. So, knowing where to go is imperative. Peruse this list of schools, institutions and other organizations offering courses to get you on track with your career.

Albany Technical College

As part of their Construction department, the Plumbing Technology program at Albany Technical College prepares students with a diploma in plumbing. Academic, technical and professional skills combine with theory and practical applications to provide a well-rounded education.

Atlanta Technical College

There are three plumbing programs at Atlanta Technical College. They offer one-on-one training sessions and manageable class sizes. Students receive individual care and attention by getting plenty of lab hours along with theory, customer service skills and potential future technologies. The diploma prepares students for an entry-level position while meeting licensing requirements.

For students looking for something with a faster track, there are two certification programs for pipefitting and plumbing. But these are only for residential and standard. They also offer continuing education courses to keep seasoned veterans up to code.

Central Georgia Tech

Central Georgia Technical College has the best program in regards to online certification. They present plumbing fundamentals while offering learning experiences students can follow at their own pace. The flexibility means they not only teach basic skills but also allow students to get their feet wet and test the waters.

They offer an in-person diploma to place for an apprenticeship, job training, further education and hands-on learning to receive licensing.

FitzGerald Plumbing College

For an all-around and thorough education in plumbing, FitzGerald Plumbing College is the only one in Georgia that’s attached to a real-life functioning business. This means students receive hands-on experience while receiving training for licensing.

There are numerous levels of certification that come with a state-of-the-art training facility, lab hours, OSHA certification, aerial lift and forklift operation. The instructors and training staff consist of licensed plumbers and a specialist in medical gas.

Northwestern Tech College

The career-building programs at Georgia Northwestern Technical College provide a full and robust plumbing education. They offer degree, certificate or diploma programs that can take students through any construction trade. This school also offers continuing education credits that will transfer to other possible degrees in the future.

Georgia Plumbers Trade Association 

When master and journeymen plumbers are looking to keep their license up-to-date, the Georgia Plumbers’ Trade Association offers continuing education classes. They also have license prep courses to help newcomers pass state testing requirements.

Georgia’s Plumbing Institute

The Georgia Plumbing Institute offers classes to plumbers that already have a license or those who qualify to take the exam. They offer weekend courses that cover five consecutive weekends. They have a specific outline that prepares plumbers for any of the three licensing examinations. Upon completion, students will meet the required continuing educations credits and complete appropriate license procedures.

Lanier Technical College

For a quick review of plumbing fundamentals, concepts and skills, Lanier Technical College has several basic overview courses to get students started.

Mechanical Trades Institute

To get a one-stop education from beginner to journeyman, the Mechanical Trades Institute offers a fantastic apprenticeship training program. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best rated trade training schools in Georgia. Students receive certification in backflow, OSHA, medical gas and brazing.

Southern Regional Tech

Southern Regional Technical College has an excellent and comprehensive introductory professional plumbing program. It focuses on entry-level concepts so students learn every aspect of the trade – from tools to repair and installation. They have one of the newest and most advanced plumbing labs in the U.S.


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