Rhode Island Plumbing License

Do you want to learn everything there is to know about a Rhode Island plumbing license? Let’s go over everything you’re going to need to cover.

Who Are Licensed Plumbers In Rhode Island?

In the simplest terms, a plumber is someone who installs and maintains water systems. Your drainage system is supported by the work, experience, and professional licensure of plumbers. These experts can work with either commercial or residential water systems. Some have experience with both.

Of course, it is the responsibility of professional plumbers to make sure their plumbing license is always up to date. Full compliance with the latest regulations and other rules also means certification.

How Do I Get My Rhode Island Plumbing License?

Here is a breakdown of the process involved in getting a plumbing license in Rhode Island.

Step 1: Be A Highschool Graduate

Your first step is to have your high school diploma on hand. Keep in mind that a GED is also acceptable. Good English and math skills are often considered to be the foundation of becoming a journeyman and eventually master plumber.

Step 2: Receive Vocational Training 

The next step is to receive your vocational training. This is going to involve two possibilities. Some go straight to apprenticeship, while others opt for the necessary training at a vocational school. Many plumbers begin with vocational school training, and then move towards apprenticeship.

It generally takes an individual five years to complete the apprenticeship period. Make sure as well to be registered with the state as an apprentice.

Step 3: Getting Your Rhode Island Plumbing License

After 5 or so years of working as an apprentice under a licensed master plumber, you can take the next step to becoming a licensed journeyman plumber.

That will involve the following:

  • Establish 5 years/8000 hours of experience on the apprentice level
  • Fill out the application form and pay the $75.00 fee
  • Receive passing marks on the exam for journeymen. The exam is broken down into two parts, with fifty questions per portion.

Step 4: Begin To Look For A Job

Once you’ve met all of the requirements listed above, you can begin to seek employment in the state of Rhode Island. As a journeyman plumber, you will want to look for work with master plumbers. After five years of experience under a master plumber, you can begin to explore this option for yourself.

License Requirements For Rhode Island Residents

Here is a complete list of the license requirements for Rhode Island plumbers:

  • Successfully pass your exam, based on the current level you aspire to
  • High school/GED equivalent 
  • Registration, regardless of specific level
  • A legitimate plumber experience document
  • Paying all fees associated with exam-taking

What else should you keep in mind?

What State Body In Rhode Island Administers These Requirements?

This is handled by the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Trainings (also known as DLT) Plumbers and Irrigators.

Which Schools Can Help Me Get My License?

Community colleges and technical learning institutions offer training for those who want to become a plumber. This training can take anywhere from six months to a year, providing an individual with not only a strong educational background, but potential apprenticeship opportunities.

Where Can I Begin To Get My License?

To learn more about the process, and to get the ball rolling, visit https://www.ri.gov/Licensing/renewal/license.php?lic_id=80 for more information.

What Are The Costs Of A Rhode Island Plumbing License?

There are a number of different fees associated with getting your plumbing license in Rhode Island. Here are the ones to keep in mind:

  • Contract Master: 240.00
  • Master Plumber: 240.00
  • Journeyperson Plumber: 72.00
  • Master Irrigator: 240.00
  • Journeyperson Irrigator: 72.00
  • Master Water Filtration: 240.00
  • Journeyperson Water Filtration: 72.00

As well as the state fees already mentioned, the total charge will include a fee of $6.00.

Key Training Aspects For Rhode Island Plumbers

Piping, water supplies, and drainage systems are among the short-term courses you can take at community colleges and technical schools. You will also need to pass all of the exams that we have mentioned so far.

You will also need to have the appropriate licensure/registration for the level you are currently at. In other words, you will need the proper registration as an apprentice, or the proper licensure as journeyman or master plumber.

Are Apprenticeship Plumbing Opportunities Available?

Absolutely! Plumbing unions and other groups offer apprenticeship opportunities for those who are interested and who meet the various requirements.

How Much Do Rhode Island Plumbers Make?

The average salaries for plumbers working in Rhode Island is approximately $28.25 per hour in Rhode Island. The per-year overtime earnings are around $6750.

Annually, Rhode Island plumbers make approximately $50, 000 yearly.

Which cities pay the most? Newport, Providence, and Smithfield are the Rhode Island cities currently paying licensed plumbers the most.

Demand For Rhode Island Plumbers

Right now, as is the case throughout much of the U.S., the demand for plumbers in Rhode Island is quite high.


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