what does a plumber do

What Do Plumbers Do?

Do Plumbers do Gas Lines?

Yes. Plumbers do work with gas lines.  In most cases you can have a plumber address most natural gas issues around a home.  A residence may use natural gas for heating water tanks/boilers, tankless water heaters, running the stove, a gas dryer, fireplace.

Plumbers can sometimes specialize in certain areas as such as drain issues, or new piping or repiping, gas lines, or other.  But in most cases, most plumbers will be able to deal with both water and gas related matters.

An exception would be if and when you need to have a gas meter installed or moved.  The gas company should be contacted and they may prefer to have their own personnel hande the installation and or moving of a gas meter.

Do Plumbers Fix Gas Leaks?

Yes, in most cases you can call a plumber to fix a suspected gas leak.  When researching plumbers you may find that some plumber specialize in gas related issues.  In any case, if you smell natural gas, your first call should be to your gas company. Your gas company usually has a special phone line to report suspected gas leaks.

Do Plumbers Install Dishwashers?

Yes.  Many plumbers will install appliances that require water or gas to operate.  It’s best to ask the plumber when you call as some may prefer to work in other areas of the plumbing trade.

Do Plumbers Fix Dishwashers?

No.  Most plumbers will not fix a dishwasher but most are able to fix a draining or water supply line issues with a dishwasher.

Do Plumbers Install Bathtubs?

No.  Most plumbers do not install bathtubs but will usually install the connection from the tub to the water supply lines and also the drain lines.  For bathtub installation it is best to contact a general contractor or experienced handyman.

Do Plumbers Fix Sprinklers?

Yes.  Many plumbers can install and repair sprinkler systems.

Do Plumbers Fix Water Heaters or Boilers?

Yes.  Many plumber can fix water heater and water boiler issues.  Plumbers also install water heaters and boilers along with tankless water heaters.

Do Plumbers Fix Garbage Disposals?

Yes.  Most plumbers can troubleshoot garbage disposal issues and replace garbage disposal units.

Do Plumbers Fix Sump Pumps?

Yes.  Plumber do work and repair sump pump problems.  They can also install new sump pumps in some cases and replace existing sump pumps.

Do Plumbers Fix Washing Machines?

No.  Most plumbers do not fix washing machines.  However, they will troubleshoot issues related to the water supply lines going into the washing machine and any drain line issues from the washing machine.

Do Plumbers Fix Toilets?

Yes.  If by fixing a toilet, we are speaking of clearing a clog/drain issue or the toilet is not getting water from the supply lines.  Many plumbers also install toilets.  Toilets can clog but another common issue is that toilets can become loose on their connection to floor and drain line after years of use.  Toilets have a was ring that seals against air leaks between the toilet base and the waste line. This wax ring seal often wears out after years of use.

Do Plumbers Fix Bathtubs?

Yes.  Plumbers do work on clogged bathtubs and water supply line issues. Other issues include a bathtub that will not hold water due to faulty plunger or plunger mechanism.  Water leaks in the pipes behind the shower tiles or wall. Lastly many plumber can also install bathtubs.  One thing plumbers don’t typically do is offer bathtub reglazing for tubs with worn out surfaces.

Do Plumbers Fix a Leaky Faucet?

Yes.  A plumbers do fix leaky faucets. This is often a minor repair and all plumbers fix leaky faucets.  A leaky faucet is usually do to a valve that has gone bad, usually from age and use.

Do Plumbers do Free Estimates?

Yes.  Many plumbers will do free estimates.  Many plumbers limit their free estimate to larger jobs or non-emergency jobs.  For example, say you want a new tankless water heater installed. Many plumbers will come out to quote you on the job but you should ask before you set the appointment.


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