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Plumber Training Courses and Classes in Oregon

You have several different options that you can consider when searching for a school to learn the plumbing trade in Oregon.  Once you’ve met your educational requirements you can find out more about the plumbing licensing requirements in Oregon by clicking here.

Chemeketa Community College Apprenticeship Program

Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon offers an apprenticeship for plumbing. This apprenticeship is a four-year program with 7,700 hours that is a combination of hands-on training and credit courses. Apprentices have the potential of earning up to 13 credits per year while attending classes in the spring, fall, and winter.

Lane Continuing College Apprenticeship

Lane Continuing College offers an apprenticeship that allows those interested in learning the trade of plumbing to learn all of the right information. The apprenticeship takes place over four years. A minimum of 144 training hours per year is recommended in addition to 8,000 completed hours of hands-on training. When you complete the apprenticeship, you are sent to the Oregon Building Codes Division to take the licensing exam to become a licensed plumber.

The Plumbing Academy

The Plumbing Academy is an online school that provides virtual plumbing education. There are five tiers, each with a higher level of education, that needs to be completed. While you don’t need to go to a campus, you will need a computer with a working webcam, microphone, and speakers.

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

This is an Oregon state department that works to register plumbing apprentices with plumbing and contracting companies that are qualified to teach. On the website, you will find all of the current apprenticeships that are available for you to apply to.

Ashworth College

Ashworth College is an online school that offers the education you need to become a plumber. Included with your tuition you get a Modern Plumbing textbook, an app to take your learning materials with you wherever you go, and a student portal to access your lessons and get support.

Portland Community College

In Oregon, there is a program that is called registered apprenticeship. The program is structed and open applicant. This allows anyone interested in becoming a plumber to apply. Portland Community College offers a pre-trades program that helps you prepare for the apprenticeship by knocking out some of the credit requirements.

NexTech Academy

NexTech Academy is a vocational school that allows you to learn the plumbing trade online. You begin with principles that are basic to plumbing, then move on to vents, drain systems, water lines, and the installation of fixtures.

Clackamas Community College

Clackamas Community College offers an associate apprentice program for the plumbing trade. They allow students to attend classes in the evenings so they can work with a company during the day. Classes will start in the fall after you are accepted and programs range from two to four years.

Rogue Community College

Rogue Community College has an awesome program that offers a certificate in Construction Trades and General Apprenticeship. You can choose the trade you want to focus on, plumbing, and you will be enrolled in courses that put you on the right track to getting an apprenticeship.

Southwestern Community College

This community college in Oregon offers a program that teaches the foundations of plumbing. The course contains 145 hours of coursework online. You can access the course at any time, and it is estimated that you will need 12 months to complete it.

CSI Workforce

This program is a four-year apprenticeship that prepares you to become a plumber with hands-on experience while in school. The apprenticeship is geared towards those wanting to become a Journeyman Plumber. You need to attend class one night each week.

Penn Foster Plumbing Training

Penn Foster offers a plumbing training course online that you can complete in as little as six months. You can study whenever you have the time, and you don’t have to make time to go to a campus.


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