Cursos de entrenamiento en plomería en Nueva Jersey – Escuela de Plomería NJ

Plumber training courses in New Jersey – Plumbing School NJ

There are many plumbing education options if you’re looking to become a plumber and eventually get your plumbing license in New Jersey.

Start by checking out the following NJ plumbing schools.


Eastwick Education offers a Plumber Apprenticeship program that can be completed in 9 months, for the daytime program, or 18 months for their evening program.   For more information call (201) 379-1884 or visit Eastwick Education online.

Monmouth County Vocation School District offers a four year evening plumber apprenticeship program that is divided into four programs of 156 hours each. The cost is $720 per program.  For more information visit their website here.  Or call 732-431-7245 ext. 2636

National Career Institute offers a Plumber’s Assistant educational program that consists of 320 hours.  The program covers theory and hands on experience. The course will help students that are new to the plumbing trade to reach the journeyman status.  Training includes cutting and welding pipes, safety valves, drainage systems, maintenance, hydraulic and other plumber systems education.  For more information visit the website here.  Or contact the school at 973-678-3901 for the East Orange campus or 201-239-7600 for the Jersey City campus.

Essex County Schools of Technology offers a four year plumber’s apprenticeship program consisting of 144 hours of on the job and classroom education per year.  To participate you will need to be employed in the plumbing field and obtain employer sponsorship.   The cost is $600 for material and books if you are an in-county student per semester or $700 if you reside outside the county.  For more information contact the school at 973-412-2050 or visit their site at Essex Tech.

Middlesex County Vocational & Technical Schools offers a plumbing apprenticeship program.  For more information contact 732-257-3300 extension 1920 or visit the school website.

Camden County Technical School offers a plumbing program.  Visit this site to obtain more information.  You can also call the campus at 856-767-7000

Plumbers Local 24 in West Caldwell offers apprenticeship programs.  Visit the website for more information.

Atlantic County Vocational School District offers a two semester plumbing course.  The course includes repair, installation, and maintenance of piping, fixtures, and fittings.  Theory and hands on practice is included.  Tuition is $550 plus an administrative fee of $55.

For more information call 609-625-0172 or visit their website.  Additional documentation can be found here.

Somerset County Vocational & Technical Schools offers a four year plumbing program.  For more information visit the program website page here.

Passaic County Technical Institute offers a School of Construction Technology program which includes plumbing courses.  Visit the school program here for more information.

Mercer County Technical Schools offers a four year plumber apprenticeship program.  Visit the plumber apprentice program page here.

Bergen County Technical Schools offers an 8 month heating and plumbing program. Visit the program page here.

Morris County Vocational School District offer a plumbing apprenticeship program.  The program duration is four years.  150 hour per year.  For more information visit the school program page here.

Union County Vocational Technical Schools offers an HVAC and Plumbing program. For more  information call 908-889-8288 or visit the school program page here.

The New Jersey Association of Plumbing – Heating and Cooling Contractors offers an apprenticeship program.  For more information visit the program page here.   The enrollment form can be found here.


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