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Plumbing Schools and Plumber Training Classes and Courses in New York

If you are interested in becoming a plumber in New York, I bet you are wondering what you need to do to get started. Keep reading to learn about some of the courses and schools in New York that can get you on the right track to becoming a plumber.  If you’re looking for information on getting your plumbing license in NY, then check out this article.

APEX Plumbing and Pipefitting

With the plumbing and pipefitting course at APEX school, you will be able to gain the hands-on training you need to enter a plumbing career. You will learn the core skills like how to use power and hand tools, faucets, fixtures, fittings, valves, and DWV piping.

Skills related to pipefitting will also be a main focus of this course. You will learn about sprinkler fitting and fabrication, groove and flange, and socket weld pipe fabrication.

This course consists of 900 hours of plumbing and pipefitting training. Half of those hours will take place in a classroom setting where you will learn the concepts, history, and safety of plumbing. The other half of those hours will be hands-on training in a business-like situation.

Depending on your needs, this course is offered as a part-time or full-time commitment, and new classes start every few weeks. Plumbing consists of four segments and pipefitting consists of two segments.

LaGuardia Community College

LaGuardia Community College offers Plumbing I as a course by itself, or you can pair it with Electrical I. The plumbing course helps you build the skills you need to be successful in the plumbing industry. You will have hands-on training to prepare you for an entry-level position.

The program teaches you about construction safety, math, plumbing drawings, fixtures, water distribution systems, and drain and vent systems. You will also learn about plastic, cast-iron, copper, and carbon steel pipe and fittings.

This course also includes OSHA 30-hour certification, ensuring that you are getting education that follows the proper protocols. There will also be the use of industry recognized NCCER (National Center for Construction ; Research) Construction Core and Plumbing curriculum.

The only prerequisites required are a high school diploma or GED, at least 18 years old, and authorized to work in the United States. Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:30pm to 9:30pm. The course is about three months long, running from April 19th to July 22nd.

Berk Trade and Business School

Berk Trade and Business School offers a plumbing maintenance program, as well as a vocational program. When these programs are complete, you will be able to successfully install, assemble, and repair plumbing fixtures, pipes, and drainage systems.

You will also learn how to identify different types of pipes and fittings, water closets, faucets, and lavatories. You will also be able to find and fix emergency leaks, clear clogs, and maintain hot water heaters and other heating systems.

Upon completion of both courses, you will have 600 clock-hours in comprehensive plumbing, and 100 clock hours in plumbing maintenance. For the comprehensive plumbing course, you will meet four hours per day, five days per week until the course is completed. The plumbing maintenance course takes place over two quarters, one being eight weeks and the second being nine weeks.

As a graduate of these programs, you are qualified as an entry-level plumbing apprentice, allowing you to work in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings under a licensed plumber.

Ashworth College

If you work a full-time job and don’t have time to meet for classes every day, Ashworth might be the perfect choice for you. Their plumbing program is packed full of lessons that can teach you all of the basics of plumbing in as little as four months.

You will be studying how to design bathroom and kitchen layouts, math needed for plumbing, codes for plumbing, abbreviations and symbols used in architectural drawings, and so much more. You can start the program any time you want, and study whenever works best for you.

You will receive a detailed plumbing textbook along with study guides to help you along the way. You will also gain access to time management guides to help you manage. your time in the course. A career search will also be provided to you so you can find employment after you have finished the course.

The school also gives you invitations to live events with industry experts to provide you with as much knowledge as possible and giving you a way to have any questions answered. You will also have access to guidance from a course instructor and as much tutoring as you could need.

The best part, you can take all of your exams online with your study guides and textbooks for assistance if you get stuck. You can learn anywhere and at any time so you can get in the career you’ve been dreaming of.


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