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How to become a plumber in the state of Kansas

The state of Kansas does not require a license for plumbing work at the state level. This means that any plumbing work you want to do can be done without a license, from installing lines and fixtures in new construction to repairing existing plumbing in old buildings. However, while you may not need a license to do plumbing work according to the state, many municipalities in Kansas require a license to do work. Depending on where the work is being done, you may need to obtain a license if you are planning to become a plumber in the state of Kansas.

This article will provide information on the requirements of a few larger cities and municipalities in the state, but you will need to determine the exact requirements of the location in which you are doing plumbing work to ensure you are in compliance with the local laws and regulations.

Areas of Kansas that require a plumbing license

Johnson County (Olathe, Kansas)

Johnson County is the most populated county in the state of Kansas and requires a plumbing license for all plumbing contractors to do plumbing work. Any work that will “construct, alter, repair, or demolish any structure or any portion, thereof” is required to be done by a licensed contractor. The best gauge is this: if you have to pull a permit for the work, you will need to be licensed to perform the work.

Shawnee County (Topeka, Kansas)

To perform any plumbing work in Shawnee County, you must be licensed as an apprentice at minimum. Apprentices can only work under the direct supervision of a journeyman or master plumber.

Sedgwick County (Wichita, Kansas)


Plumbing License Qualifications

Johnson County (Olathe, Kansas)

To qualify for a Class DP plumbing license in Johnson County, Kansas, you must have a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Science, or Construction Management from an accredited school. You must provide proof of said education via an official transcript from your educational institution.

You must also take an exam issued by the Contractor License Review Board, and score a minimum of 75% on the exam. For a Class DP license, the following exams are recognized by the Contractor License Review Board:

  • ICC Kansas Standard Master Plumbing with Gas
  • Prometric/ETS Master Plumbing with Gas
  • ICC National Exam (potentially)
    • This exam is only accepted if it can be verified to have a 75% or higher score and the content exactly mirrors the outline of the ICC Kansas Standard Master Plumbing with Gas exam

You must also have a valid journeyman certificate for a minimum of two years OR at least four years of experience in the field doing plumbing work.


Shawnee County (Topeka, Kansas)

You must be licensed as an apprentice to work as a plumber at all in Shawnee County. Apprentices must be directly supervised by a Journeyman or Master Plumber. Once an apprenticeship has been completed, you may apply for a journeyman license. In order to qualify for a journeyman license, you must first obtain a passing score of 75% or more on an exam administered by an accredited testing agency.

Sedgwick County (Wichita, Kansas)

In order to qualify for a journeyman plumbing license in Sedgwick County, you must have:

  • One year of field experience and one year of education with a plumbing trade school
  • OR two years of field experience

Along with the aforementioned experience, you must pass the journeyman exam for either ICC or IAPMO with a minimum score of 75%.

In order to qualify for a master plumbing license in Sedgwick County, you must have:

  • A plumbing Journeyman license as well as two years of field experience as a journeyman
  • OR a plumbing journeyman license as well as four years of plumbing experience

Obtaining a Plumbing License

Johnson County (Olathe, Kansas)

To obtain a license from Johnson County for plumbing work, you must complete an application form and submit it, along with the $100 application fee and the $225 license fee. You must also provide proof of General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance, as well as proof of your work experience and other documents supporting the claim that you meet the aforementioned qualification requirements. Finally, you must submit proof of identity with a government-issued ID, as well as a separate digital photo of yourself for your license card.

Shawnee County (Topeka, Kansas)

To obtain a license from Shawnee County for plumbing work you just complete the application and submit the license fee. The fees are as follows:

  • Master plumber license: $103
  • Journeyman plumber license: $53
  • Apprentice plumber license: $33

You must obtain at least an apprentice license to do any plumbing work, and only that which is directly supervised by a journeyman or master plumber, in Shawnee County. After you finish your apprenticeship, you may then apply again for a journeyman license.

Along with a journeyman or master plumber license application, you must also submit proof of passing an exam with a score of 75% or more from an accredited testing agency. The acceptable testing agencies are as follows:

  • Block
  • NIA-Block
  • Experior
  • Thomson-Prometric
  • Prometric

The exam you must pass is “Standard Journeyman Plumbing with Gas.”

The process is the exact same for master plumbing licenses, though the exam you must take and pass is instead “Standard Master Plumbing with Gase.”

Sedgwick County (Wichita, Kansas)

To obtain a license for Sedgwick County, you must pass an exam issued by one of the following testers:

  • Block
  • Experior
  • Prometric
  • ICC

Once you have your passing test results, and proof of your other qualifying work experience, you must submit an application along with a fee of $35.

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